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post image Dragons' Den: where entertainment meets mis-advice? from

Following a recent exchange of correspondence, this Kat welcomes the following guest post from Brandsmiths' Andrew Lee on a matter which should be of interest to us all: the dissemination of misinformation or at least ...

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post image January employment in tangible and intangible producing industries from

Today's job numbers from BLS show a steady economy. Employment was up by 257,000 in January with a 5.7% unemployment rate. As BLS notes, employment was up in retail trade, construction, health ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

A number of readers have emailed this Kat to remind him that Intellectual Asset Management magazine (IAM) has started the nomination process for selecting the 2015 inductees to the IP Hall of Fame. This, IAM ...

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Rep. Goodlatte Introduces His Patent Reform Bill (Again) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- As expected by almost everyone (and anticipated by several groups who urged him not to do so; see "Pro-Patent Coalition Writes Letter to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees" and "Big ...

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US Challenges For Biotech In 2015 – An Interview With BIO’s Hans Sauer from

The biotechnology industry is closely watching developments in the United States that could impact the industry in 2015. These include the regulatory framework for biosimilars, possible patent legislation, post-grant review procedure, and the consequences of ...

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The trademark balancing act: Protecting your rights without enraging your customers from

Trademarks symbolize the character and reputation of their owners and the quality of those finished products offered to the consumer. It typically takes years of careful cultivation to build a valuable trademark. This cultivation can ...

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Warner-Lambert v Actavis Mark 2, still at first instance: more on Swiss claims, Skinny Labels, and no Strikeout from

This Kat posted last month on the fascinating case of Warner-Lambert Company, LLC v Actavis Group Ptc EHF & Others [2015] EWHC 72 (Pat), in which Arnold J gave the first detailed UK consideration of what ...

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Defendant’s “Consignment Sale” Violates Preliminary Injunction from

The court granted in part plaintiff's renewed motion for a finding that defendant was in contempt of a preliminary injunction and sanctioned defendant $860,600 plus attorneys' fees. "[Defendant's CEO] emailed a copy ...

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Hospira v Genentech Mark 1, the Appeal from

The dispute between Hospira and Genentech in the UK courts concerning the antibody trastuzumab, more famously known as Herceptin (RTM), is getting a little confusing.  We had decision Mark 1 last April in relation to ...

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Judge Newman in Cuozzo was correct on Congressional intent on claim construction standard from

Relevant to the dissent of Judge Newman in the Cuozzo case [see earlier IPBiz post:
CAFC in Cuozzo: § 314(d) prohibits review of the decision to institute IPR even after a final decision], note that ...

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Patent Conflict between Employers and their Employees from

by Dennis Crouch The recent decision in Beriont v. GTE Labs offers some further thoughts on the employee-employer relationship.  Up-front, I should note that Mr. Beriont has represented himself pro-se in this litigation and that ...

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RIKEN addresses structure of photosystem II from

From a post


The structure of photosystem II has been examined before at very high resolution by x-ray diffraction crystallography, and detailed models of the system have been obtained. However, the high-energy x-rays used in ...

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Plagiarism charge against university president in Minnesota from

In the context of reporting on plagiarism charges leveled against the president of a two year college in Minnesota, the Pioneer-Press presented the text:

Keith Bird, who was on the panel that reviewed Parker's ...

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BP pulls plug on funding UC/Berkeley biofuel work from

From California Magazine:

Eight years ago, UC Berkeley struck a historic but controversial deal with the British oil company BP: Berkeley would benefit from the oil giant spending $350 million to create a new Energy ...

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Fenf case at CAFC: claim construction deference post Teva v. Sandoz from

Note the text:


We review the district court’s claim construction de novo because the intrinsic record—the claims, the specifi- cation, and the prosecution history—fully informs the proper construction in this case 

Maybe ...

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