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post image UPDATE: Why picking a London UPC court location is more difficult than you think from

The AmeriKat's friend, Melodie Ward, 
trying out one of 
Aviation House's possible
UPC court rooms
The AmeriKat's post on the debate surrounding the location of London's UPC locations has already collected ...

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post image Wednesday Whimsies from

What is the most annoying thing an IP lawyer can see when logging into Facebook?  No, its not the photo of your long lost acquaintance lounging on a tropical beach on their apparent fourth vacation ...

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Interest in unlikely sources - the Business Distribution Scheme for the Technical Boards of Appeal from

Following on from yesterday's post, Merpel has been alerted to intriguing conclusions that can be drawn from a detailed study of the Business Distribution Scheme for the Technical Boards of Appeal.  Merpel is very ...

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Judicial independence: Europe's IP judges raise EPO concerns from

The IPKat and Merpel have just received the following letter, the contents of which are self-explanatory and expressed with an admirable lucidity.  This letter has the support of "all or virtually all" of the main ...

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November trade in intangibles from

Following on the recent good news about GDP comes this morning's release of the November trade data from BEA showing a $3.2 billion drop in the deficit. The decline to $39.0 billion ...

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Most-Read IP-Watch Stories In 2014: A Tale Of Staff Issues, India, Hot-Button Topics from

All year long, Intellectual Property Watch expends great energy and resources to bring hundreds of carefully written, detailed stories on policymaking - technical committee meetings, legislation, negotiations, legal cases, and latest reports and papers. But in ...

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Data Structure for Linking Data is Abstract Idea from

The court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment that plaintiff's network document management patents were invalid for lack of patentable subject matter and found that the claims were drawn to an abstract idea. "[Plaintiff ...

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2015 Updates to Eligibility Guidelines from

The most impactful patent decision in 2014 looks to be Alice Corp. In that case, the Supreme Court outlined its jurisprudential steps for determining whether a claimed innovation is patent eligible. In the process, the ...

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Vringo v. ZTE: Troll Status is Irrelevant from

Guest Post by Peter Arrowsmith. Arrowsmith is a patent attorney and partner at the London based firm Cleveland IP In a recent judgment from the High Court in England & Wales, a Vringo patent was found ...

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Changes in House rules a lost opportunity for understanding intangibles from

As expected, yesterday that House of Representatives adopted as part of its Rules a provision requiring dynamic budget scoring. This controversial provision changes the way legislation is analyzed for budgeting purposes (see NY Times story ...

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