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post image When trade mark components have little or no distinctiveness from

The new year has started preparing the ground for the implementation of the next chapter of the OHIM Convergence Programme, a laudatory example of collaboration and dialogue within the trade mark offices in Europe.
Back ...

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post image Pom Wonderful the tenacious -- in pursuit of trade mark rights from

For several months now, a cat has found night-time refuge in the stairway of our building. She has cannily found a way to avoid the worst of the outside cold and rain and she has ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Season's Greetings email circulars: a Katpoll. Whether on account of his vastly increased popularity or simply because more people are using the medium, this Kat has received an extraordinarily large number of seasonal e-greetings ...

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post image Patent Cases Pending as of January 1, 2015 from

By Jason Rantanen In November, I wrote about a decline in patent suits pending in district court.  Using Lex Machina, I recently put together an updated set of data that includes patent cases pending as ...

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Google denies that it wants to take all software copyright down with its Supreme Court petition from

Happy New Year!

This is the follow-up I announced in my Wednesday blog post, "Deafening silence from software industry presents credibility problem for Google's Supreme Court petition."

Before I talk about a substantive issue ...

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Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises: a patent licensing case to watch in 2015 from

2015 could prove to be a time of change for patent licensing law, as the Supreme Court recently agreed to review the long-standing rule that a patent holder may only receive royalties during the term ...

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Unreasonable Prejudicial Delay in Filing Patent Infringement Suits: Why the Federal Circuit Should Not Overrule Aukerman from

Guest Post by Donald S. Chisum On December 30, 2014, the Federal Circuit granted en banc review in a case (SCA Hyiene), to consider whether to overrule the 1992 A.C. Aukerman decision, which upheld ...

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They Invented What? (No. 1) from

Originally posted on Anticipate This!™ | Patent and Trademark Law Blog:
U.S. Pat. No. 3,963,275:  Method of breaking free-standing rock boulders   What is claimed is: 1.)  The method of fragmenting a free-standing boulder ...

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Jay Walker: "the licensing system in the United States is badly broken " from

Rather than the oft-quoted refrain "the patent system in the U.S. is broken," Jay Walker (Priceline) told the Washington Post:

As an inventor, the vast majority of my patented inventions have not been commercialized ...

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Joint PNNL/Penn State study addresses photoacclimation in Synechococcus PCC 7002 from

Alexander S. Beliaev of PNNL and Donald A. Bryant of Penn State have an interesting paper in "Frontiers in Microbiology" titled "Effect of mono- and dichromatic light quality on growth rates and photosynthetic performance of ...

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