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post image Out of the frying pan, into the fire: patent infringement by numbers is not allowed from

Percy the non-stick cat tries out a frying pan
for size, comfort and snuggle-ability ...
At a time of the year when office parties proliferate, the spirit of the Saturnalia prevails and the thoughts of even ...

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post image Endoscope and remedial scope: inside view of an application for summary judgment from

"They don't like it up'em!" was the famous line delivered by Corporal Jones (right) in the popular BBC television comedy Dad's Army (here and here).  Jonesy's refrain was referring to bayonets ...

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Nintendo not guilty of patent infringement; prevails in D. Wash. case over UltimatePointer from

From a press release by Nintendo on 23 December 2014:

On Dec. 22, Nintendo won a patent case in a federal court in Seattle. Judge Robert S. Lasnik found that Nintendo’s Wii system does ...

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PTAB reverses examiner in Ex parte Kogan; missing element in 102(e) case from

In Ex parte Kogan, the Examiner relied upon a figure to justify a 102(e) rejection; this was overturned by PTAB:

We note that Appellants' specification differentiates between contact or group names and attributes.Supra ...

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PTAB in Ex parte Stralin: the name of the game is the claim from

From Ex parte Stralin

We note that
"[i]t is a bedrock principle of patent law
that the claims of a patent define the
invention to which the patentee is
entitled the right to exclude ...

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Nevada "plagiarism" issue fades into the sunset from

On December 24, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Nevada Board of Regents leaders would not be looking further into allegations of plagiarism arising from the use of text by a government official derived from ...

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Patently Inconsistent from

I was listening to the oral argument recording of B&B; Hardware v. Hargis and was struck by the opening lines of the argument: The Lanham Act contains only one concept of likelihood of confusion ...

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