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post image Seasonal greetings to all our readers from

Have a sparkling new year*Many of our readers will be celebrating Christmas this year for religious, cultural, social, personal or commercial reasons -- and an even larger number of them will be celebrating the fact ...

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post image What is eating the European Patent Office? Merpel summarises from

Seasonal summary of EPO news: not to
everyone's taste and may be hard to swallow
Over the past month, this weblog has hosted news and developments of reports of unrest among the workers at ...

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Some Human Embryonic Stem Cells Are Once Again Patent-eligible in Europe from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Last Thursday, the European Court of Justice rendered a decision in International Stem Cell (ISCO) Corporation v. Comptroller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (UK) that significantly modified the landscape for ...

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Biofuel worker Roy Curtiss honored at Arizona State University from

From ASU  news, which noted Curtiss was appointed University Professor:


Roy Curtiss is a professor in the School of Life Sciences and the director of the Centers for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology and Microbial Genetic ...

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Wednesday whimsies from

RSS feeds. This Kat has never become attached to the use of RSS feeds as a means of keeping abreast of his favourite weblogs, since his earlier ventures in that direction were not terribly successful ...

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Appellant Robinson loses at PTAB on teaching away, motivation to combine from

Appellant, represented by MCDONNELL BOEHNEN HULBERT & BERGHOFF   , lost at PTAB in the case Ex parte Robinson 

As to the obviousness:

Appellants argue that the Examiner has failed to establish a prima facie case of obviousness ...

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Hewlett-Packard loses Rees case at PTAB from

Ex parte Rees is a Hewlett-Packard case about a method of constructing a machine-readable document.

PTAB cites In re Fine, 837 F.2d 1071, 1074 (CAFC  1988) for the requirements for a prima facie case ...

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AT&T loses at PTAB in Ex parte ANSCHUTZ from

A message from Ex parte ANSCHUTZ is the need to develop all needed arguments in the opening brief.   Mentioning something only in the Reply Brief is too late:

Ex parte Borden, 93 USPQ2d 1473, 1474 ...

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Jani case at PTAB involves overlapping ranges, result-effective parameters from

The appellant lost on obviousness at PTAB in Ex parte Jani

The matter of overlapping ranges:

overlapping ranges renders the claimed amount prima facie obvious is

reasonable (e.g., Ans. 3; no Reply Brief has ...

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PTAB analysis in 90/011,287 on remand from CAFC from

PTAB reviewed the ex parte re-exam 90/011,287 in light of the CAFC decision in Apple v. Motorola.
The difference in standard between district court and USPTO [BRI] as to claims is discussed.

link ...

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Rejections affirmed in 95 / 002,348 from

The inter partes re-exam 95 / 002,348 was successful.

We review the appealed rejections for error based upon the issuesidentified by Owner, and in light of the arguments and evidenceproduced thereon. Cf. Ex parte Frye ...

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Special Report: Strictly Business: US IP Attachés Report Home, Give Mixed Reviews from

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week was ‘old home week’ for officials in the United States intellectual property attaché program, as they returned before the holidays from their posts around the world. Speaking publicly, the officials gave ...

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