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post image What is in the Future for Private Copy Levies in the EU? from

A report published in November by the French consumer organization UFC-Que Choisir denounced the high rate of the French private copy levies and compared them to the lower rates of the other Member States. Indeed ...

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post image 2015: the year of blocking injunctions? from

Improving the legal framework for online enforcement of IP rights, notably copyright, has been probably the most debated policy topic in a number of jurisdictions in 2014, and will likely be so also in 2015 ...

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post image IP5 Annual Report from

by Dennis Crouch From the perspective of the leading patenting countries, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has become a non-productive and fairly toxic environment with regard to international cooperation and substantive harmonization.  Although the ...

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post image Playing by the Rules: or a tale of Fault and Default in infringement proceedings from

We all need rules ...After the momentous world-shaking blogposts of last week, it's great to get back to the nitty-gritty and to focus once again on the small picture. In this vein, this Kat ...

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Annual Brussels IP Summit: Fresh Ideas In A Classic Context from

BRUSSELS – In an age where technology and globalisation play an ever-increasing role, it must be asked whether the policy goals and structures of the intellectual property system remain relevant in Europe and beyond. In this ...

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Defendant Sanctioned $10,000 for "First Option" Rule 11 Motion from

The court sua sponte sanctioned defendant $10,000 for its unsuccessful early motion for Rule 11 sanctions. "The Court looks with particular skepticism on sanctions motions brought immediately after joining issue and well before any ...

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Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney from

In the event that you’ve as of late lost a friend or family member because of a wrongful demise occurrence, your psyche is likely reeling with inquiries: How could this happen? Who is at ...

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Tips in Picking your Social Security Lawyer from

Government managed savings law can be extremely confused and numerous think that it exceptionally hard to handle all alone. Along these lines, in the event that you are wanting to seek incapacity advantages, it is ...

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Tips for Starting Up a Business from

Little entrepreneurs can run into a wide mixed bag of lawful issues that aren’t ordinarily experienced with associations or partnerships. This is because of the way that numerous managers hold sole responsibility for business ...

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The Best Way To Hire Dissolution Lawyers from

On the off chance that you feel your marriage is unrecoverable, it’s best to counsel with dissolution lawyers sooner than later. Anyhow before you make one of the greatest all around beneficial choices you ...

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New Guidance on Section 101 Subject Matter Eligibility Issued. from

From the USPTO Director’s Forum Blog on Monday, December 15, 2014: Following the valuable feedback that we received from the public through written comments and multiple public meetings over the last several months, we ...

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Trademarks: You Don’t Own the Word – Just the Right to Avoid Some Market Confusion from

by Dennis Crouch On Patently-O, our primary focus is patent law, but sometimes we remember that the “Patent Office” is actually the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO has two primary administrative ...

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MVS Filewrapper® Blog: USPTO Releases New Guidelines on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility from

Post by Dan Lorentzen

The USPTO today released new Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility.  The new guidance comes nearly 9 months after the first set of "2014 Procedure For Subject Matter Eligibility Analysis Of ...

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USPTO Issues Interim Guidance on Subject Matter Eligibility from

By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published its interim guidance regarding the examination of claims for subject matter eligibility under 35 U.S.C. § 101 (which the Office announced ...

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