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post image TF1 v Dailymotion: meet third generation hosting providers from

Alberto BellanSome might think that the past few weeks have been fairly intense for internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK alone, with Arnold J clarifying, first, that blocking orders can be issued against ...

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post image USPTO Patent Grants from

Although December has just begun, the USPTO has already issued more patents in calendar year 2014 than in any other prior year.  I expect that the total will be around 304,000 utility patents issued ...

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Supreme Court grants cert on Commil v. Cisco in inducement of infringement case from

The Bloomberg post Patent Suit Defense Gets U.S. High Court Review in Cisco Case put the question

The question is whether an accused company [here Cisco, accused of inducing infringement] can defend itself by ...

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Cyanobacterial genes used for synthetic biology "Fit Coli" from

From within the New Yorker post titled Synthetic Life After G.M.O.s

To combat the diet-pill menace, her team had decided to design a gut-dwelling E. coli bacterium with an increased ability to ...

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