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post image CEPGI Report Shows Record Quarter for Green Patents and Solar Patents in Q2 2014 from

The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI) recently released its Second Quarter 2014 Results.  Researched and published by the Heslin Rothenberg law firm, CEPGI is a quarterly report on clean energy patents issued in the ...

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post image November employment from

As no doubt you have already heard from numerous sources, the BLS reported this morning that employment rose by 321,000 in November with the unemployment rate staying at 5.8%. The increase was well ...

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post image Swiss cheese, calcium salt, partial priority and poisonous divisionals: an exotic feast for patent enthusiasts from

It is a pleasure when this weblog can report on something to do with European patents that has nothing to do with power politics and everything to do with what the patent system is all ...

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Appeal of first Apple-Samsung case could lead to 3rd California trial in that case (4th in total) from

For a few years, Apple and Samsung used to meet in court very frequently when they were embroiled in crossjurisdictional, intercontinental litigation. Those showdowns have become relatively rare thanks to a mutual withdrawal of their ...

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PTAB Update -- Amending Claims in an IPR Proceedings from

By Andrew Williams -- Just what does it take to amend your claims during an IPR proceeding before the PTAB? Of course, the America Invents Act ("AIA") specifically provides that Patent Owners may file one motion ...

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Apple's US Patent No. 8,903,519: Protective mechanism for an electronic device from

The first claim of US 8,903,519:

An electronic device having a center of mass, the electronic device comprising: a motion sensor; a processor that detects when the electronic device is in freefall based ...

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The "Financial Times" whacks European patent performance from

From within the article in the Financial Times titled Red tape and cost lie behind Europe’s poor patent performance

It is not that Europe lacks inventors. Measured by the ratio of patent applications to ...

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The Alicantation of the European Patent Office from

News is coming in thick and fast from the European Patent Office, and so Merpel once again finds herself gracing the pages of this blog (following earlier posts here, here and here).  This time, a ...

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WIPO Seminar Discusses Intellectual Property And Gender from

Gender differences persist in the field of intellectual property, but there are signs of change, and new proposals are emerging for bringing greater balance, a US professor told a gathering at the World Intellectual Property ...

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Quarter-Hour Billing Increment Justifies 20% Reduction in Fee Award from

The court partially granted plaintiffs' motion for sanctions but reduced the award by 20% to account for overbilling attributable to quarter-hour billing increments. "Defendants claim that Plaintiffs’ practice of billing in quarter-hour increments artificially inflates ...

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October trade in intangibles from

News this morning from BEA is that the U.S. trade deficit dropped by a mere $0.2 billion in October to $43.4 billion. Exports grew slightly faster than imports: exports up by $2 ...

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Cisco suing Arista over set of 500 commands: original interface material IS copyrightable from

Cisco agrees with Google on a lot of patent-related issues (so do I), but strongly disagrees with it on interface-related copyright questions (so do I, too). That's one of my conclusions from having looked ...

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Commil v. Cisco: Cert Granted as to invalidity/inducement issue from

By Jason Rantanen Today, the Supreme Court granted certiorari on one of the questions presented in Commil v. Cisco.  (The order: The question presented: (1) Whether the ...

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U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case Regarding Defenses To Active Inducement Liability from

On December 5, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari in Commil USA v. Cisco Systems, Inc., No. 13-896. SeeOrder. The arguments will be limited to one issue in the petition:
Whether the ...

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Commil v. Cisco Cert Grant on Knowledge for Induced Patent Infringement from

The Supreme Court granted cert today in its second patent case of the 2014 Term, Commil v. Cisco, on whether a defendant’s belief that a patent is invalid is a defense to induced infringement ...

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