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post image ECR-Award - BGH on the registrability of acronyms from

A recently published decision by the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) concerning the registrability of acronyms as trade marks (case reference I ZB 64/13, "ECR-Award", of 22 May 2014, see here in PDF) was ...

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post image In a flap about bats: when trade marked chiroptera come home to roost from

It is well known to all felines that a bat is nothing other than (i) a flying mouse and (ii) an annoyingly named creature that rhymes with "cat" but precedes it in the alphabet.  So ...

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post image Wah-the-ley on Wah-way: a matter of Opinion from

The Opinion of Advocate General Wathelet (right) in Case C-170/13Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd v ZTE Corp., ZTE Deutschland GmbH has already attracted a lot of attention, not least because some good souls have ...

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post image Peppa Pig peppered with claims from Gabriella Capra from

I would like to thank you to Chris Torrero for sending us the following story
The Italian news last week concerned one of Peppa Pig’s cartoon friend, Gabriella Goat. Gabriella Capra, a 40 year ...

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Genetic Technologies Ltd. v. Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings (D. Del. 2014) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Another district court (actually, a magistrate judge) has succumbed to the siren song, or drank the Kool-Aid, or (fill in your favorite Apocalyptic metaphor here) of applying the Supreme Court's ...

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EFF rips Penn State's US Patent 8,442,839 from

Within the post Stupid Patent of the Month: Who Wants to Buy Teamwork From Penn State? , EFF concludes

We urge Penn State and all universities to be more responsible. Instead of selling patents that have ...

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WIPO: New Proposal On Disclosure Requirement In Design Applications from

The first day of the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on trademarks and designs was ruffled by a proposal from the African Group to include a disclosure requirement in international industrial design applications. Up to ...

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Patent-eligibility after Alice: a summary of decisions that found software inventions eligible for patenting from

Since the June 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Alice Corporation Pty Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int’l, at least 16 district court decisions, at least three Federal Circuit decisions, and a number of ...

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Keyword Advertising: The Next Instalment In The Interflora v M&S Saga from

A few days after the first South African case to consider the issue of internet keyword advertising (Cochrane Steel Products (Pty) Ltd v M-Systems Group (Pty) Ltd & Another Case 39605/13, 29 October 2014), we ...

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Medical Device Claims Indefinite Under Nautilus from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment that plaintiff's medical device patents were invalid as indefinite. "The question here is whether the absence of identified boundaries in terms of proximity, distance, or ...

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The IP Hackathon at Osgoode: Designing Solutions to Make Canada’s Patent System More User-Friendly from

On October 23rd and 24th, inventors, law students, lawyers, patent agents, patent portfolio managers, policy analysts, Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s (CIPO) patent examiners and other stakeholders of the patent system convened at Osgoode for ...

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Grooveshark Fails to Navigate DMCA Safe Harbor from

The recently announced decision of the United States District Court in Manhattan, UMG v. Escape Media Group (Grooveshark), serves to further elucidate the terms on which service providers can expect legal protection if their users ...

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CEIPI Celebrates 5oth Anniversary With Major Conference from

The highly esteemed Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) in Strasbourg will mark its 50th anniversary this week with a conference featuring the top names in the European IP community. Below is the press ...

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.Pharmacy Soon To Be Open from

Years ago, there were many news stories related to online pharmacies that sold prescription drugs to consumers either without a valid prescription or by using prescription-mill doctors that never...


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U.S. judge awards Apple undisclosed royalties if Samsung infringes certain patents in the future from

Since Apple and Samsung agreed in August to drop all patent infringement actions against each other outside the U.S., there has been a much lower frequency of Apple v. Samsung news. It's now ...

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