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post image Dimensions from patent drawings from

EPO decision T 1488/10 considers a new twist on a hoary old question: can one rely on measurements taken from a prior art drawing to invalidate a patent? The twist in this case was ...

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post image Wednesday Whimsies from

Forget 99 flakes, the AmeriKat is more of
a snow cone kind of galIP judge seen getting a sweet treat? The AmeriKat has spies filtering in the latest news and IP intrigue from across ...

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post image Abrams et al. on Patent Value and Citations from

Next up in my CELS IP recap: David Abrams (Penn) presented Patent Value and Citations: Creative Destruction or Strategic Disruption? (with Ufuk Akcigit & Jillian Popadak), for which Browyn Hall served as the discussant. This paper ...

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post image GE Settles Signage LED Patent Suit; Offers Patents for License from

One of the major green patent lawsuits I’ve been following in this space – GE Lighting v. Agilight – has settled.  GE announced the settlement in a recent press release. The suit involved four GE LED ...

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Ariosa v. Sequenom -- Ariosa's Responsive Brief from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit heard oral argument in the Ariosa v. Sequenom case last Friday, and a discussion of that argument will be posted in due course. Having posted on Sequenom's ...

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Limitations And Exceptions As Key Elements Of The Legal Framework For Copyright In The European Union – Opinion On The Judgment Of The CJEU In Case C-201/13 Deckmyn from

In this opinion, the European Copyright Society (ECS) puts on record its views on the issues raised by the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Case C-201/13, Deckmyn ...

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European Conference Promotes Use Of Standards As A Tool For Innovation from

BRUSSELS – European experts in research, industry and policymaking at a recent conference here discussed the importance of integrating standards, research and business into the cycle of innovation in Europe.

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In Proving Foresight May Be Vain: Federal Court Vacates Bifurcation Order Just a Few Months After Granting It from

Originating back in 2006, the litigation between Pfizer and Apotex over Pfizer’s blockbuster drug, Lipitor, has been long and arduous. With many twists and turns in these proceedings, Pfizer’s most recent motion to ...

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Trade Dress: Redress for Handbag Theft (of the Non-Mugging Variety) from

Knockoffs run rampant in the retail and fashion industries. For those of us that are fashion-forward but not looking to incur debilitating debt, we resign ourselves to settling for the closest lookalike. But while these ...

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Alice Does Not Render All Software Unpatentable from

The court denied defendant's motion for summary judgment that plaintiff's error correction patents were invalid for lack of patentable subject matter and found that computer software remained patentable. "A bright-line rule against software ...

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Steps to Ensuring You’re Legally Using Online Photos from

Everyone loves to capture moments in time through photographs, and furthermore we all love to share them with our friends and family. Before the wave of social media, we would get our film developed...


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Judge Kara Farnandez Stoll from

The White House has announced the nomination of Kara Farnandez Stoll to fill the empty seat on the Federal Circuit Bench left by Judge Rader’s retirement in June 2014.  Stoll is well known in ...

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Zephyr Of Hope For Longstanding Issues At WIPO Committee On Development And IP from

A lighter mood seems to have set in at the World Intellectual Property Organization Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP), after a year of what was qualified as a cycle of disagreements by some ...

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