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post image A clear vision of genuine use: Specsavers v Asda (again) from

Yesterday's elliptical judgment looks to be the final instalment of the Specsavers v Asda saga. If you think you've read about this case before, that may be because the IPKat reported on initial ...

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post image Apples and Oranges in the IP5 Statistics, or how to make your patent filing statistics look more fruitful from

Patent filing statistics: a fruitful topic to pursue. Peter Arrowsmith (partner in London-based patent attorneys Cleveland) has been subjecting patent statistics to some careful scrutiny of late. If readers' comments are anything to go by ...

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post image Uncorrected USPTO mistakes in a patent cuts off past damages from

Immediately after issuance of a patent, it is useful to check that the claims are accurately printed on the patent.  The USPTO uses character recognition software which sometimes results in inconsistencies in the claims.  The ...

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post image Chemists and mech/elecs unite! from

The IPKat has been alerted to a change in format for the EQE (the qualifying exam to become a European Patent Attorney), thanks to Bart van Wezenbeek of V.O. Patents & Trademarks, who learnt of ...

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UNCTAD Forum: Local Drug Manufacturing A Key To Universal Health Coverage from

Local production of medicines in developing countries is key to advancing universal health coverage, but other factors need to be considered, such as the involvement of all stakeholders and policy coherence in governments, according to ...

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More Speculative Damages Expert Testimony Permitted In Light of Limited Underlying Evidence from

The court denied both parties' motions to exclude testimony from their damages experts. "[T]he Court acknowledges that [plaintiff's damages expert's] testimony contains a greater degree of speculation than might ordinarily be required ...

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Leading Blogger Unloads on Patent Critics and the Real Bad Actors from

Innovation is not threatened by patent “trolls,” says a Virginia IP attorney, but by half-truths about the failure of the patent system spread by businesses looking to defend their turf. The publisher of IP Watchdog ...

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Guest Post by Prof. Shubha Ghosh: Are South African Yellow Canaries a Question of Law or Fact? from

Guest Post by Professor Shubha Ghosh.  Prof. Ghosh is the Vilas Research Fellow & George Young Bascom Professor in Business Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School, where he is also the Associate Director of ...

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German IP lawyers evaluate litigation results, ask whether patents are merely 'paper tigers' from

There is growing attention for the fact that information and communications technology patents are hard to enforce in court, and more and more questions are asked about what should be done about the problem that ...

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Director Michelle Lee from

The White House has announced President Obama’s plans to nominate Michelle Lee for the position of Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Although Lee ...

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Michel on Michelle, as Lee gets the nod for permanent appointment as USPTO Director from

From a Reuters post titled White House nominates former Google exec Lee to head patent office :

Paul Michel, who retired from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in 2010 [and formerly ...

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Cambridge Assoc., LLC v. Capital Dynamics (PTAB 2014); PNC Bank v. Secure Axcess, LLC (PTAB 2014) from

By Michael Borella -- As the fallout of the Supreme Court's Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank decision propagates through the USPTO and lower courts, many patent applications and patents directed to business methods are being ...

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