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post image Les Wednesday Whimsies from

Jeremy put me in charge of this week’s Whimsies, and I shamelessly take advantage of it to promote French products. Here it goes...
The World is My [Counterfeited French] Oyster
The Gillardeaucompany, a ...

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Teva v. Sandoz -- Is Deferential Review a Boon for Patent Trolls? from

By Andrew Williams -- On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Sandoz Inc. case to determine whether appellate courts should afford any deference to a trial court ...

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Inventing Solutions to Global Disease & Poverty from

Guest Post By David Kappos and Quentin Palfrey   In April 2013, the Obama Administration announced the first wave of winners of the Patents for Humanity competition, an innovative program to provide recognition and incentives to ...

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Teva v. Sandoz: alternative universe from

Much is being written about Teva v. Sandoz in the context of de novo review.
The actual case at the CAFC was about indefiniteness of the meaning of
molecular weight, in part because the term ...

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IT Innovation Supporting Home-Grown Solutions In Uganda from

With the world’s youngest population, fast-rising access to internet and rapid spread of the use of mobile phones, Ugandans are starting to embrace information and communication technology innovations. This is confirmed by the increasing ...

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Procedural Question As Treaty Preparations Begin For Lisbon Revision At WIPO from

The 28-member Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration is en route to being revised to include geographical indications and allow international organisations to join the agreement. But some ...

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Plaintiff’s NPE Status No Basis for Staying Injunction Beyond Sunset Period from

The court denied defendant's motion to stay an injunction past the sunset period because defendant did not establish a likelihood of success on appeal, irreparable injury, an injury to a third party, or harm ...

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CAFC affirms D. Arizona in Thermolife v. Creative Compounds from

There was a Rule 36 judgment in Thermolife v. Creative Compounds.

For material related to the case, see

Note the citation to ...

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Teva v. Sandoz and Claim Construction Deference from

By Dennis Crouch In Teva v. Sandoz, the Supreme Court is focused-in on the appellate rules that should apply to claim construction decisions. Namely, if a district court makes factual conclusions that underpin a claim ...

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Teva v. Sandoz Argument Recap from

This morning I attended the Supreme Court argument in Teva v. Sandoz, the case on the standard of review for patent claim construction, which I previewed on this blog. Based on the questions today (transcript ...

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Sherry Knowles Addresses Real World Impact of Myriad-Mayo Guidance at BIO Symposium from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last month, at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) IP & Diagnostics Symposium in Alexandria, VA, Sherry Knowles of Knowles IP Strategies addressed the impact of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's ...

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