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post image Is Trade Dress in the Bag? from

I learned about this trade dress case from this tweet by fellow New York attorney Mark H. Jaffe, who also kindly provided the link to the case. Thank you Mark!
Plaintiff Nicole Lee is a ...

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post image Two new ways to file at the EPO from

The current EPO online filing software, whose days are numbered...
The EPO has publicly launched two new filing systems, which were in pilot testing until now. In due course these systems will replace the EPOline ...

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post image Thursday thingies from

Western EuropeWho is a European? In recent Katpost which mentioned the announcement of a new eight-person team at the top to lead the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Merpel observed that, if it wasn ...

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post image AIPPI Report: The emerging role of IP business finance from

The AmeriKat particularly likes the taste of Andrew JacksonWhile the AmeriKat was busy preparing for an afternoon in court, her firm was equally busy hosting the first post-Congress AIPPI event in the UK.  Allen ...

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post image When trade secrets were state secrets and copyright was chattel: the forgotten story of Jan Huygen Van Linschoten from

Think about maps today and one usually conjures up Google Maps or the equivalent. Think about the legal issues that arise in connection with Google Maps, and one usually thinks about privacy issues, with copyright ...

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PTAB Update -- A Review of the First Round of Comments -- Part 2 from

By Andrew Williams -- As we have previously reported, the USPTO has been seeking feedback on the PTAB trial proceedings established by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. A Federal Register notice from June 27, 2014, contained ...

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Mobile & Other Patents will Play a Role in Pantech Bankruptcy Sale from

Expect a transaction to yield some clues about which smart phone-related patents are interesting, what they are worth and to whom. Struggling South Korean handset maker, Pantech, announced this week that it is up for ...

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WTO Director General Wants To Put Human Dimension In WTO Work from

The World Trade Organization Director General Roberto Azevêdo opened the 2014 WTO Public Forum by saying trade is essential but the international trade system should provide a seat for everyone at the table. United Nations ...

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Domain Dispute Seems To Show Plight Of The ‘Little Guy’ In A Corporate System from

A recent cybersquatting case processed under the World Intellectual Property Organization internet domain dispute procedures offers a possible glimpse of the plight of ordinary internet users in a global system dominated by large companies and ...

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Defendant’s Early Threat to Seek Fees Justifies Denial of Fee Award from

Following partial summary judgment of noninfringement and a stipulated judgment, the court denied defendant's motion for attorneys’ fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285. "[Defendant] takes issue with [plaintiff's] lack of an adequate ...

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USPTO Glossary Pilot Program Update from

The USPTO began accepting applications for the Glossary Pilot on Monday, June 2 as part of ongoing efforts to improve the U.S. patent system. The Office initiated the pilot program to study the impact ...

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Double Patenting when you have a Common Assignee but No Common Inventors from

This is a bit of an in-the-weeds question, even for Patently-O. Because firms tend to operate within a certain market area and use a particular technological approach, it makes sense that a patentee may well ...

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For Patents, It Still Comes Down to the Jury Verdict from

Jury verdicts are fascinating with their simple power.  The jury is not asked to provide a long winded studied response to the case but rather to provide very simple responses to very difficult and complicated ...

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