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post image Abstract ideas and patentability: what about animating lip synchronization and facial expressions? from

© Frank HellardFollowing the ruling of the US Supreme Court in Alice v CLS Bank, several courts all over the US are contributing to refining the approach to the provision of 35 USC s 101 ...

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post image Friday Fantasies from

Jeremy entrusted me with the Friday Fantasies for this week, so here are a few items of interest.
Forthcoming IP Events:
Let’s go first to Paris; I hope you do not mind! Légipresse, which ...

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post image Private copying levies in Spain and that new CJEU reference from

Javier RamirezAs reported by this blog, last week the Spanish Supreme Court referred two questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) asking whether fair compensation for private copying secured through ...

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Strengthening WIPO’s Governance For The Next 50 Years: A Time For Action from

In 2017, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will mark its 50th anniversary. In the lead up to that milestone, the next three years provide a vital opportunity for Member States to update and strengthen ...

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Lisbon GI Revision A Hot Topic As Members Prepare For Treaty Talks from

A proposed amendment to the Lisbon Agreement protecting appellations of origin at the World Intellectual Property Organization is the object of heated discussions between proponents of geographical indications and countries favouring other systems such as ...

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Revised 2Q 2014 GDP again has higher intangible investments. from

The latest (third) revised estimate of economic growth in the 2nd quarter of 2014 again shows a slight upward revision. BEA now estimates that GDP grew by 4.6% in the 2nd quarter rather than ...

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The US Navy's commercial scale biofuels programs from

The CleanTechnica post US Navy Biofuel Wins Death Match, Where’s The Outrage? includes text

The new initiative demonstrates how quickly the biofuel industry could move away from farmlands and embrace a broader variety of ...

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Countries Begin Push To Reduce Differences In Patent Laws from

Some of the leading patent-filing nations this week renewed an effort to harmonise procedures for filing patents in their national offices. “There’s more urgency in terms of the need for harmonisation,” Michelle Lee, deputy ...

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