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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Early birds, and not-so-early ones.  In this Kat's little essay about patent litigation conferences at the tail-end of last week, he should have mentioned that, in addition to the reduction that IBC is offering ...

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post image 5 seconds of contact time is sufficient, says Arnold J from

A decision of Mr Justice Arnold issued this week in the Patents Court. It’s a mostly straightforward case of patent infringement and validity in the field of catalysts for hydrocarbon conversion, but containing couple ...

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post image It’s No Use: Why Chevy’s BOLT Trademark Isn’t (Necessarily) a New Brand from

There is some curious eco-mark news to report:  apparently, last month General Motors filed two notable U.S. trademark applications, one for BOLT and the other for CHEVROLET BOLT. They are Application Nos. 86357513 and ...

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post image Would you believe? A view of what innovation will look like in 2025 from

Innovation is, by its very meaning, future-looking (unless you are one of that rare breed of scholar -- the historian of innovation). The question is how far out in time one should reasonably look in attempting ...

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post image MGM Defends Rocky Trademark From “Philadelphia Fat-Ass Run” from

MGM , the film company that owns the rights to ROCKY sent a cease and desist letter to Philadelphia resident, Rebecca Shaefer who planned to launch a “Rocky 50K Fat-Ass Run” inspired by Rocky’s iconic ...

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post image Myriad Down Under - The Federal Court of Australia has a message for the US Supreme Court: "You were wrong (with respect)!" from

© Robert Johnson The Federal Court of Australia has recently published its judgment in the case of D'Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc.: while the issues examined by the Australian court mirror those considered by the ...

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Inovia Releases 2014 Report on Global Patent Trends from

By Donald Zuhn -- Patent services provider inovia has released its fifth annual report on global patent and IP trends. In compiling "The 2014 U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator," inovia, which produces products for ...

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IP Dealmakers Forum will Connect Investors with Patent Holders from

2014 IP Dealmakers Forum is the first to place equity, venture and debt investors in front of patent holders, private and public. IP deals are no different from other asset transactions. The best informed and ...

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New WIPO Conference Hall Offers Grand Setting As Nations Gather from

At the outset of its annual General Assembly this week, the World Intellectual Property Organization inaugurated a state-of-the-art new conference hall which has already drawn attention for its prominent position overlooking the Place des Nations ...

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Evidence of PTAB Institution Decision Excluded Under FRE 403 from

The court granted defendant's motion to exclude the PTAB's denial of an IPR petition under Rule 403. "I agree that the . . . IPR denial is a final decision. I do not agree that it ...

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Strengthening Innovation Policy: updating the Strategy for American Innovation from

Earlier this summer, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council issued a Request for Comments as part of a review and update of the Administration's Strategy for ...

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Plagiarism consequences in the real world? from

An article relating to plagiarism charges against Mary Burke begins:

“I will make it my personal mission to give you an F and get you expelled from the University of Wisconsin,” stated one of my ...

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Responding to the demands of patent assertion entities (PAEs) from

Mondaq has a post titled
United States: How Should I Respond To A Claim Of Patent Infringement?

The post includes the text:

Although ignoring such a letter and hoping the patent owner will go away ...

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Which way for the Supreme Court in Teva v. Sandoz and FRCP 52 in patent cases? from

On 19 Sept. 2014, a panel consisting of Ruben Castillo, Faith Hochberg, and Randall Rader discussed, among other things,
Teva v. Sandoz. For some background on the issue, see ...

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Washington Post: "The patent office’s response to the revelations of fraudulent practices has shifted dramatically." from

Lisa Rein of the Washington Post quoted Michelle Lee:

On Friday [Sept. 19, 2014], she [Michelle Lee] wrote:

“Since assuming my leadership position at this agency, I have made it my personal goal to ensure ...

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Software Business Method Patent Fails Again from

Open Text v. Alfresco Software, 13-CV-04843-JD, 2014 WL 4684429 (N.D. Cal. Sept. 19, 2014) Open Text SA v Alfresco Software Ltd Citing Alice Corp. as the deciding factor, Judge Donato has invalidated a set ...

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Progress report on UPC preparations from

Last week the Preparatory Committee of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) issued a revised roadmap.

The report outlines the significant activities to date in preparing for the UPC as part of the broader Patent Package ...

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