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post image Patents and patent litigation in the EU: a multidisciplinary approach from

"The EU Patent Package: Multidisciplinary and International Perspectives" is the title of an event jointly organised by the University of Antwerp and the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIR) at the University of Leuven. In ...

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post image Towards an Electronic Devices Flea Market in the Cloud? YODA says…YES! from

U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX) announced last week that he has introduced a bill in Congress, the You Own Devices Act (YODA), which would amend Section 109 of the Copyright Act by providing that ...

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post image Software patents questionable due to algorithm requirement from

For software patents including a computer-implemented means-plus-function limitation, the patent application or patent must disclose an algorithm or structure for performing the claimed function. This is to satisfy the definiteness requirement of 35 U.S ...

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post image Board considers subcomponent of integrated assembly and finds subcomponent is "to be attached to" the final assembled structure from

Takeaway: A claim to an aircraft mounting structure recited a "mount portion be attached to a pylon". The Examiner read the mount portion on a pyramid structure that was part of the assembled pylon ...

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post image Never too late! If you missed the IPKat last week ... from

It has been another busy week for Katpost aggregator Alberto Bellan, whose compilation of substantive blogposts from Kat contributors and their guests over the past week reflects both his dedication and theirs.  So here's ...

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USPTO to Hold Roundtable on Patent Law Harmonization from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a notice published in the Federal Register last week (79 Fed. Reg. 56070), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that it would be holding a roundtable to obtain public ...

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U.S. Implementation of the “making available” right: Are we there yet? from

The “making available” right, as articulated in the WIPO Copyright Treaty art. 8 (and the WPPT arts. 10 and 14), applies to the offering to the public of on-demand access to a work in the ...

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What would you like to ask a District Judge? from

By Jason Rantanen On Friday, October 3, I will be moderating a panel of three district court judges at the Iowa Intellectual Property Law Association annual conference.  This gives me a great opportunity to seek ...

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How to destroy human capital from

I thereby nominate IBM for the Circuit City award for how to destroy your human capital. You may remember how Circuit City fired its most experienced workers as a cost cutting measure -- only to see ...

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Defendant’s Litigation Misconduct Precludes Laches Defense from

Following an evidentiary hearing, the court rejected defendant's laches defense because defendant failed to prove laches, and even if it had, "the Court would conclude that [defendant] should not benefit from laches because its ...

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Does Obviousness Type Double Patenting Survive the AIA? from

by Dennis Crouch In Abbvie Inc. v. Kennedy Institute, the Federal Circuit confirmed that the judicially created doctrine of obviousness-type double patenting (OTDP) continues to be a viable defense following the Uruguay Round Agreements Act ...

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