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post image Judge declines to overrule California jury in Apple's favor or grant retrial in 2nd Samsung case from

Apple's patent infringement lawsuits against Android device makers continue to be anything but thermonuclear after a decision that came down late on Monday by local California time. A federal judge in the Northern District ...

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post image A Most Un-Magical of U.S. Trade Mark and Copyright Disputes from

Deadmau5's Design Mark U.S. Serial No. 85972976An un-magical U.S. IP dispute has become even more un-magical by the day. In April, I reported that the U.S. family entertainment behemoth Disney ...

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post image A Transatlantic Battle Over Ownership of Vivian Maier’s Photographs from

Kat friend Andy Johnstone informed us about this article in The New York Times regarding the battle over copyright ownership in the works of a French-American photographer Vivian Maier. A warm Kat pat to Andy ...

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post image Spirit Bear: not an Urban myth, rules court from

This Kat would like to say a big thank you to Chris Torrero for sending us the link to this story!
Three years ago, the City of Terrace and Kitasoo Band Council (from British ...

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post image The Federal Circuit closely follows the Supreme Court's recent ruling in Alice from

Last Wednesday, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit published its judgment in the case of buySAFE Inc. v Google Inc., discussing and applying the Supreme Court's recent ruling in Alice Corp. v ...

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Judge plans to take Microsoft-Samsung contract dispute over Android royalties to trial in early 2015 from

While there are ever clearer signs of Apple v. Samsung coming to an unspectacular end (including yesterday's order in California), the contract dispute between Microsoft and Samsung over Android patent royalties and the implications ...

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Preliminary opinion of European Patent Office: Apple's rubber-banding patent invalid in Europe from

Well over a year since the United States Patent and Trademark Office upheld a few claims of Apple's "rubberbanding" (or "overscroll bounceback") U.S. patent, the European version of that patent has come under ...

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101 Decision on the Pleadings: ECommerce Patent Ineligible from

by Dennis Crouch In Tuxis Tech v. Amazon, Delaware District Court Judge Andrews has invalidated asserterted claim 1 of Tuxis Tech’s Patent No. 6,055,513 – finding that the claim lacks eligibility under 35 ...

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Navigating Data Transfer from the EU to the U.S.: Safe Harbor or Danger at Sea? from

In 2014, the FTC stepped up enforcement against companies that either falsely represented that they were Safe Harbor certified or displayed the Safe Harbor Framework (Safe Harbor Program) Certification Mark on their websites at a ...

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Long Felt Need Prior to Existence of Prior Art Irrelevant to Obviousness Analysis from

The court granted plaintiff's motion for summary judgment that defendant's caption correction patent was invalid as obvious in light of two prior art patents and rejected defendant's evidence of the secondary considerations ...

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Sequonom v. Ariosa: Invalidating the patent on Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Genetic Testing from

Sequonom’s Patent No. 6,258,540 is really fascinating. The inventors (Oxford Professors Lo and Wainscoat) had previously discovered that human fetal DNA existed in small quantities within the pregnant mother’s blood plasma ...

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Judge determines Samsung did not willfully infringe Apple's slide-to-unlock patent from

About 24 hours after denying (except for a minor part) Apple's motion for judgment as a matter of law (JMOL) following the spring 2014 Apple v. Samsung trial in the Northern District of California ...

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