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post image Money Mapping opposes Moneymap: it's no use where there's no use ... from

While big decisions from big courts are always important, if you want to know how a jurisdiction's trade mark system functions, it's not just helpful but reassuring to see how it works down ...

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post image The skilled person - more knowledgeable than ever before from

The concept of common general knowledge (CGK) occupies a more prominent position in the UK’s inventive step regime than it does in the European Patent Office's (EPO) problem-and-solutionapproach or the classic U ...

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post image SCOTUS reduces liability for indirect patent infringement from

The scope of patent protection of a patent is defined by the claims.  Ideally, the claims should be written in a variety of ways so that different entities along the distribution channel can be identified ...

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post image CJEU says that EU has external competence to negotiate international agreements on broadcasting rights from

This is where both EU
and Mildred's external
competence begins
As noted by one of our readers, there is no need to wait until next week for more copyright-related fun at/from the Court ...

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post image Never mind the monkey: IP ownership problems and overlaps in Europe from

Nuno de Araujo Sousa e Silva's The Ownership Problems of Overlaps in European Intellectual Property is a slender book, the cover of which is decidedly bluer than the illustration on the right.  A regular ...

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post image Chanel’s Salon in Indiana Sued for Trade Mark Infringement by Famous French Fashion House from

Fashion Week has just started in New York, and to mark this event, here is an interesting trade mark and fashion case, filed not in New York however, but in Indiana.  
Fashion and cosmetics ...

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Apple asks court to order Samsung to pay $6.46 per unit if it infringes 3 patents going forward from

It's been a week since Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's motion for a permanent U.S. sales ban against Samsung devices infringing the three patents on which Apple prevailed at the spring trial ...

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IPR Update – Prosecution Bars from

By Andrew Williams -- Are proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board ("PTAB") more like prosecution or more like litigation? This might appear to be a purely academic question, except for one significant issue -- litigation ...

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IP-Watch Celebrates 10 Years With An Update! from

At Intellectual Property Watch,, we're celebrating our 10th anniversary by innovating to bring you the best independent coverage of international intellectual property policy possible. We are excited to announce our new ...

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July trade in intangibles from

Some interesting economic news this morning. July's trade deficit dropped unexpectedly to $40.5 billion from $40.8 billion in June (revised), according to data released by the BEA. [Note: June's deficit had ...

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Patentee’s Failure to Notify Examiner of Court’s Adverse Claim Construction May Constitute Inequitable Conduct from

The court granted defendant's motion to amend its pleadings to include a claim for inequitable conduct during reexamination. "[Defendant] alleges specific [plaintiff] representatives . . . each failed on several occasions to inform the PTO that the ...

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New Section 101 Decisions: Patents Invalid from

The Supreme Court’s decisions from Alice and Mayo are beginning to really have their impact. A few examples: Walker Digital v. Google (D. Del. September 2014) (data processing patent invalid under 101 as an ...

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Review Of WIPO Programmes, Staff: Lisbon Agreement, Global Challenges, Geographic Diversity from

The World Intellectual Property Organization Program and Budget Committee is meeting this week to scrutinise the UN agency’s inner workings. At the meeting, the director general’s report on programme performance gave member countries ...

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Got Passport? from

Just a heads up to those of you thinking of conducting a hearing or personal interview at a USPTO facility — depending on which state you hail from, your driver’s license may not be sufficient ...

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Russell Slifer to be Keynote Speaker at BioWest 2014 from

Those of you in the Denver area might be interested to know that Russell Slifer — former Micron chief patent counsel and new head of the USPTO-Denver office — will be the keynote speaker at BioWest 2014 ...

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