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post image Early thoughts on Deckmyn: fun is OK, but only if politically correct from

Following the delivery
of this new CJEU decision,
Pushkina is carefully
inspecting the parcel

Following the breaking news post published this morning [see also The 1709 Blog here], the handy 36-para decision of the Court ...

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post image Thursday thingies from

The Kats' credo ...IPKat events: a couple of updates. Today's KatChat between Christopher Rennie-Smith and fellow Kat-blogger Darren Smyth about what really goes on in the European Patent Office Appeal Boards, among other things ...

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post image Tomorrow's Kat Chat: a reminder from

Tomorrow afternoon, in a cosy corner of London' Holborn district, Christopher Rennie-Smith (formerly and again with Collyer Bristow, following a long spell at the European Patent Office) will be engaging in some constructive and indeed ...

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post image BREAKING NEWS: CJEU says that one has the "right to be forgotten" from offensive parodies from

You may now breathe:
the CJEU is back!
At last! After a couple of copyright-free months [sounds incredible, doesn't it?], this morning the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) resumed its charmingly ...

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How much will China's Ruichuan IPR Funds resemble Intellectual Ventures? from

There has been discussion of China's Ruichuan IPR Funds .

For example, in June 2014, IAM wrote:

Last month, IAM reported on the launch of Beijing-based patent aggregation entity Ruichuan IPR Funds. At the time ...

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WIPO Members Work To Strengthen Oversight Of UN Agency from

World Intellectual Property Organization member governments are hard at work this week trying to improve auditing and oversight of the UN agency, coming after a successful year financially but a year of questions about governance ...

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LES Hot Topic: “Public IP Cos, Their Impact and Business Models” from

Licensing Executives Society session at annual meeting in SF will also look at PIPCOs profile, performance and future. This year’s LES annual meeting in San Francisco, it’s 50th, will provide many timely sessions ...

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Guest Post: Knowing what is Known and Knowable from

Guest post by Professor Sharon K. Sandeen For several years now, I have been thinking about how the changes that the America Invents Act (the AIA) wrought to the definition of prior art will change ...

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2014/2015 Sneak Preview: Another Busy and Exciting Academic Year for IP Osgoode! from

This year we celebrate IP Ogsoode’s 6th birthday! And it’s shaping up to be another busy and exciting academic year for us. Events IP Osgoode Speaks Series We have four very exciting guest ...

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Counsel’s Misrepresentation of Key Trial Testimony Warrants Terminating Sanctions from

The court sua sponte dismissed plaintiff's infringement action with prejudice after post-trial discovery showed that during trial plaintiff's counsel affirmatively misrepresented to the Court the statements of key on-sale bar witnesses regarding important ...

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Damages Expert May Testify Concerning Running Royalty Cap from

The court denied plaintiff's motion in limine to preclude the testimony of defendant's damages expert that a running royalty may be capped. "Georgia-Pacific factor #11 is '[t]he extent to which the infringer ...

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BuySafe Alice'd in its appeal at the CAFC from

Buysafe did not do well in its appeal against Google

This case involves claims directed to creating familiar
commercial arrangements by use of computers and net-
works. The district court held the asserted
claims invalid ...

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Boosting Pharma Innovation after TRIPS: lessons to be learned from

Boosting Pharmaceutical Innovation In The Post-TRIPS Era: Real-Life Lessons for the Developing World, by Burcu Kilic (Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines Program), is a lovely little book which owes its origins to the ...

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Federal Circuit Falls in Line: Supporting Strong Limits on Patent Eligibility from

By Dennis Crouch In buySAFE v. Google (Fed. Cir. 2014), the Federal Circuit has found the patentee’s computer-based-transaction patent to be invalid as an abstract idea lacking subject matter eligibility. The decision by Judge ...

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