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post image Honda v Patmanidi: CJEU quietly gives a reasoned order from

 The Monomeles Protodikeio: an insider's viewLast December the IPKat reported on Case C-535/13 Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha v Maria Patmanidi SA, a request by a Greek court, the Monomeles Protodikeio Athinon ...

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post image The Empire Strikes Back: UK passport agency grounds wannabe Skywalker from

The Star Wars sequels have generated a lot of enthusiasm throughout the world. Laura Matthews, a great fan of the series, decided to adopt Skywalker as her middle name, and did so by deed poll ...

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post image Intel Successfully Defends its Patent Case but Owes its Own Attorneys $9 Million for the Defense. from

By Dennis Crouch Stragent, LLC v. Intel Corp., 11-cv-0421 (E.D. Texas). Federal Circuit Appellate Judge Timothy Dyk has been sitting by designation as the trial judge in this patent infringement lawsuit over video compression ...

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post image What business thinks about Europe's patent regime -- and how you can help from

Dr Luke McDonagh (Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University) has been doing some valuable research into attitudes which patent owners are starting to develop with regard to the European Union's forthcoming Unified Patent Court (UPC ...

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Washington Post follows up on issues with teleworking at the US Patent Office from

In a post titled Six useful findings from the patent office’s filtered telework report , the Washington Post follows up on its reporting of teleworking at the Patent Office. Note the first comment to the ...

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Post-Grant Reviews are Shaping NPE Patent Quality & Portfolio Size from

More and better patents have greater meaning for licensors now that a petitioner can seek an internal review (IPR) canceling a patent because of a single claim. Expect those with capital and experience to prevail ...

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Politically motivated charges of plagiarism and things vanishing from the internet from

There has been some discussion of whether or not a book titled “The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan” by Rick Perlstein improperly borrowed from a book by Craig Shirley ...

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Improving how we use intangibles to boost productivity from

Thanks to a recent posting over at the Smarter Companies blog, I am catching up on a McKinsey report on Innovation Matters: Reviving the Growth Engine from June 2013. The report introduces an index of ...

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Judge Dyk: Defendant’s Failure to Seek Summary Judgment Undermines Request for Attorneys’ Fees from

Following a jury verdict of noninfringement and invalidity, the court denied defendant's motion for attorneys’ fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285. "[Defendant's] motion is primarily based on the fact that [plaintiff] made ...

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Attorneys’ Fee Award Stands Despite Reversal of Willfulness Finding from

Following remand from an appeal which reversed the court's willfulness finding the court again granted plaintiff's motion for attorneys’ fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285. "The Court previously found this case exceptional ...

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IP-Watch Spotlight: WIPO Lex, Database Of Global IP Systems from

WIPO Lex is a publicly available online database under the World Intellectual Property Organization providing streamlined access to the intellectual property systems of almost 200 jurisdictions. The database now features over 12,000 legal texts ...

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