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post image Which is the CJEU copyright case to look most forward to? Probably Art & Allposters from

Sweet CJEU dreamsIf you were asked the typical summertime question/Buzzfeed-style quiz, ie which copyright case currently pending before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) you are most looking forward to ...

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post image Update on Patent Grant Rates from

I have updated my grant-rate chart from a prior post. For these figures, I obtained a set of 15,900 published patent applications and categorized each application according to its area of technology and also ...

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post image Strategic Patenting 4: A Case Study of Success from

The Takeaway:  In the 4th post in this Strategic Patenting Series, a case study is presented of a company that created durable market-making patent protection for a successful consumer product innovation using a disciplined patenting ...

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post image Trade mark registrations for Nice class headings: IP TRANSLATOR top-up from

In the fleeting world of the intellectual property blogosphere, few topics have demonstrated such staying-power as the troubled issue of the use of Nice class headings to indicate the range of goods and services for ...

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Examination of Myriad-Mayo Guidance Comments -- International Bioindustry Associations from

By Donald Zuhn -- On March 4, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a guidance memorandum, entitled "Guidance For Determining Subject Matter Eligibility Of Claims Reciting Or Involving Laws of Nature, Natural Phenomena, & Natural ...

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State of Vermont’s Demand Letter Case against MPHJ Continues from

State of Vermont v. MPHJ Technology (Fed. Cir. 2014) MPHJ has become the poster-child for bad patent trolling behavior and has been the subject of unfair-trade-practice action in several states. The basic idea is that ...

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Google Nest thermostats vulnerable to simple hack attack from

Following up on an earlier IPBiz post [
Google/Nest v. Honeywell in the thermostat business
], note some interesting issues with Google Nest thermostats:

When Google bought Nest Labs for $3.2 billion seven months ago ...

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For China, indigenous innovation is re-innovation based on the assimilation of imported technologies from

See the post Microsoft, Audi, Chrysler and others are facing pressures from Chinese regulators that have been building for years. on “The National Medium- and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Science and Technology (2006-2020 ...

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The Aunt Jemima matter from

See The great-grandchildren of the woman who once served as Aunt Jemima filed a class action suit seeking royalty back payments.

Hunter’s lawsuit accuses the companies of lying to cover up Quaker Oats’ employment ...

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Be Careful Identifying Your Licensed Patents and Products from

On Friday, the Federal Circuit issued an opinion in Wi-LAN USA, Inc. v. Ericsson, Inc., which highlights the importance of using care when granting rights to or under patents. The interesting facts in this case ...

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Researchers Say EPO/OHIM Study Is A Tale Without A Message from

A recent paper published by the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition criticises a joint study by the European patent and trademark offices as lacking insight about the economic effects of intellectual property.

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News from Abroad: The Regretful Patentee -- The Re-Emergence of File Wrapper Estoppel & Equivalence in the UK from

By Ralph Cox* and Simon Spink** -- Overview For the best part of 10 years, since the judgment of Lord Hoffmann in Kirin-Amgen v Hoescht Marion Roussel[1], it has been widely assumed that there is ...

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