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post image Further undertakings, a stay -- and an expression of hope from

Last week PatLit reported on the refusal of Mr Justice Arnold, in Actavis Group PTC EHF v Pharmacia LLC [2014] EWHC 2265 (Pat), to grant a stay of patent revocation proceedings in England and Wales ...

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post image Daylight robbery, value for money and patent renewals: it's time to talk from

The IPKat and Merpel regularly receive vast quantities of marketing literature. Much of it is plainly irrelevant to the content of an IP weblog and some of it, while relevant to the subject, is of ...

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post image Never too late! If you missed the IPKat last week ... from

Here is the fourth in our weekly series of compilations by our good friend and former guest Kat Alberto who is currently endearing himself to all of us and incidentally making himself indispensable by summarising ...

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Chinese companies to enter rare earth magnet area in the US after expiry of Hitachi patent? from

An article titled Hybrid car batteries, iPhones may become cheaper notes consequences of expiry of patents to Hitachi on rare earth magnets. There is text

The expired US patent 5,654,651 covers magnets with ...

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Boston Globe expounds on plagiarism from

The Boston Globe discusses recent plagiarism incidents in an article Plagiarism incidents undercut message to students

Included in the text is

a high school principal in New York apologized after writing a yearbook message that ...

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Despite Limiting Dubious Rights and Behaviors, Patents are More Uncertain than Ever from

It’s unclear whether attempts by lawmakers and the courts to rein-in invalid patents and bad patent-holder behavior have succeeded in improving the system. Whatever the case savvy investors will be looking for a silver ...

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As Beats goes after Chinese counterfeiters, Bose goes after Beats from

From within an article titled Bose Sues Beats Electronics, Alleging Patent Violations in Design of Beats Studios, Solos.

We do know, however, that if Bose manages to win its case, Beats could be in trouble ...

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Intellectual Property in an Independent Scotland from

Guest Post Author – Peter Arrowsmith, partner and (Scottish) patent attorney at Cleveland ( Introduction On 18 September 2014 the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum to decide their future: whether ...

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MedEdge 2014 — New Medical Innovations Bring Privacy Dangers from

The 2014 MedEdge Summit was a resounding success. Academics, innovators, entrepreneurs, and practitioners filled the auditorium and networking booths. As one of the lucky attendees, I zoomed in on Dr. Cafazzo’s talk about the ...

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AIA Post Issuance Proceedings – Patent Owner Challenges Standing of United States Entities to Bring PGR Review of CBM Patent from

The United States Court of Federal Claims recently deferred decision on whether to stay a litigation brought in 2011 by a patent owner against the United States. In the case, captioned Return Mail, Inc. v ...

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Marvel’s Misadventures in the Kirby Copyright Chronicles from

Marvel may have to call in The Avengers for help with this one. The comic giant filed papers on July 14th arguing to the U.S. Supreme Court that it should not review the Second ...

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Royalty Based on Price of Physical Product Inappropriate In Light of “Rampant Infringement” from

Following a bench trial on damages, the court found defendant's expert's damages model to be unreliable. "[T]he primary problem with [defendant's] damages model is the fact that it bases royalties on ...

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Whac-A-Mole Trade Mark Litigation: Using U.S. Trade Mark Litigation to Combat Foreign Counterfeiters from

Beats By DreOver the past month, a number of well-known global brands have filed U.S. lawsuits against foreign  (predominately Chinese) online businesses for the sale of counterfeit products to U.S. consumers. Beats ...

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Apple drops cross-appeal, forever accepts denial of injunction in first Samsung case from

While a global, comprehensive settlement of the patent spat between Apple and Samsung has not materialized yet, the dispute continues to lose steam every month, and noticeably so. Not only has no new complaint between ...

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ALJ Essex Rules On Motion To Compel And For Adverse Inferences In Certain Acousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance Systems (337-TA-904) from

On July 17, 2014, ALJ Theodore R. Essex issued the public version of Order No. 10 (dated July 8, 2014) in Certain Acousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance Systems, Components Thereof and Products Containing the Same (Inv ...

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Google preparing to appeal Oracle's copyright win to Supreme Court, Oct. 6 deadline for petition from

Last month Google decided not to seek an en banc (full-court review) of Oracle's appellate victory in the high-profile Android-Java copyright case (initial reaction to ruling, follow-up, and detailed refresher Q&A;), resulting in ...

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Blogging of material in court records: can publicly available information be confidential? from


All of Hunter's blog posts involved cases that had ...

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