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post image CIPA announces how newly qualified kittens can get Basic Litigation Qualifications from

The IPKat is delighted to have received this contribution from Vicki Salmon, CIPA council member,  and Chairman of the litigation committee.  Merpel is likewise delighted to hear news of an issue that she raised recently ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Forthcoming events. Do please remember to check out the IPKat's forthcoming events page. There's plenty of fascinating stuff on it, including events for which readers of this weblog are entitled to substantial discounts ...

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post image Presidential Elections: Campaign Copyright from

By Dennis Crouch As we move into 2015, the presidential campaign season will begin again in earnest. As part of that process, it is always interesting (for IP attorneys) to see candidate views on intellectual ...

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post image Looking for some discussion on IP enforcement? Two events for you from

Living in a beautiful enforcement world:
London ...
Is IP enforcement and its effectiveness - or lack thereof - what you think of all day long? Then these two events might be for you.
IP Enforcement in London ...

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post image BREAKING NEWS: missing UK copyright exceptions are back from

Probably sooner
than expected
Via Katfriend and 1709 Blog team member John Enser (Olswang LLP) comes the exciting news that proposed UK copyright exceptions for private copying, parody caricature and pastiche, and broader quotation are ...

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post image Limitation and Amendments of claims during litigation: a conference from

From Anna Maria Stein (partner, Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, Milan) comes news of a conference on claim limitation/amendment during patent litigation. This event will be held on June 27 and 28 at the Aula ...

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post image Luxembourg, we have a problem: Where have the Advocates General gone? from

... Or that I need you at all?What is the story with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), its references for a preliminary ruling, and what looks like a sentiment of increasing ...

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Biovision: Industry Vision Of Disruptive Innovation Focuses On Production from

LYON, France - The opening plenary session of an annual industry forum on life sciences, focusing this year on immunotherapy and ageing, highlighted disruptive innovation as a way to address growing public health challenges. The concept ...

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Sustainable Energy Supply Models Discussed At UNESCO Conference from

LAUSANNE - Energy installation projects in developing countries are often not sustainable, and can lead to breakdown of technologies reliant on energy supply such as medical devices, said speakers at a conference on technologies for development ...

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Less Than Half The World Has Internet Access; Barriers, Disincentives Appearing, ISOC Finds from

M By Maëli Astruc for Intellectual Property Watch The internet is expected to reach 3 billion people globally next year, but “much development work still remains to bring the economic and social benefits of the ...

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Does the focussed specialist always win? from

From the post Changing the dates, not the rules, is the way to fix horse racing's Triple Crown :

The analogy I've made is that it's like asking a baseball pitcher to throw ...

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Do academics care about innovation? from

Discussion of 102(b)(1) in 2011 included the text [the inventor] can thus take full advantage of the grace period and disclose his invention in academic papers and at trade shows without worrying that ...

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ALJ Essex Denies Motion To Compel Production Of Documents In Certain Windshield Wipers (337-TA-902) from

On June 3, 2014, ALJ Theodore R. Essex issued the public version of Order No. 11 (dated May 19, 2014) denying Complainant Trico Products Corp.’s (“Trico”) motion to compel Respondents Federal-Mogul Corp. and Federal-Mogul ...

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Struggling with Nautilus: Patent Claims Through the Eyes of Non-Lawyer Technologists from

By Dennis Crouch This post goes on a tangent from the the recent decision in Q.I. Press Controls v. Michelle K. Lee, USPTO Chief (Fed. Cir. 2014). Quad/Tech’s Patent No. 6,867 ...

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Mann Law Group Hires from