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post image Jury trials in the US: will the creation of a PTAB cause constitutional headaches? from

A short and quite provocative article, "IP jury trials—trouble ahead?" by Robert M. Kunstadt (R. Kunstadt, PC), has just been published online in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2014), a.k.a ...

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Guest Post: The U.S. Government Continues to Have "Serious Concerns" with Canada's Heightened Patent Utility Requirements from

By Canadian Patent Utility Coalition -- While the United States and Canada share a border, common values and a strong commitment to international trade and security issues, many are surprised to learn that protection of intellectual ...

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Librarians, Archivists: Why An International Solution Is Needed For Copyright Exceptions from

Last week, the World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee ended without agreement on the conclusions of the meeting or its future work, to the dismay of librarians and archivists associations. During the week, numerous representatives ...

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Court to Employer: No Paper, No Assignment from

By Dennis Crouch Peregrine Semiconductor v. RF Micro Devices (S.D. Cal. 2014) (peregrine decision) Interesting decision here involving patent ownership. Peregrine sued RFMD for infringement of several of its patents. However, during the course ...

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Patent Quality + International IP Transactions = A Busy Week from

In the next week I will talk about the business of intellectual property at two very unique events. I’m excited to share the details of each event below: First, on May 13, 2014 I ...

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Digitisation Projects For Orphan And Out-Of-Commerce Works Presented At WIPO from

Digitisation of copyrighted works is in growing demand, and books are increasingly being made widely available in digital form. Two forms of works however - orphan and out-of-commerce works - are in danger of missing out, said ...

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March trade in intangibles from

Some good news from BEA this morning on trade: the trade deficit declined by $1.5 billion to $40.4 billion. Exports were up by $3.9 billion while imports grew by only $2.5 ...

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Panel Appointed For WTO Mega-Case On Australia Tobacco Packaging from

World Trade Organization Director General Roberto Azevêdo yesterday appointed three panellists to examine the dispute against an Australian public health measure requiring tobacco products to be sold in plain packaging in the country. A decision ...

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MVS Filewrapper® Blog: Jury Returns Verdict for Apple in Patent Infringement Suit from

On Friday, May 2, 2014 a jury found Samsung Electronics Co. ("Samsung") liable for infringing two patents owned by Apple, Inc. ("Apple").  The two patents are U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647, which is ...

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Comparative Patent Remedies from

Today is the one-year anniversary of Tom Cotter’s excellent Comparative Patent Remedies blog.  Prof. Cotter’s productivity in that short time is astonishing: he’s written over 200 posts applying his expert knowledge of ...

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Federal Circuit Implements Law Standard for Prima Facie Indefiniteness Rejection from

In re Packard (Fed. Cir. 2014) In a long-awaited decision, the Federal Circuit has affirmed the USPTO’s indefiniteness rejection of Thomas Packard’s claims under 35 U.S.C. § 112(b). However, the court ...

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FSFE Urges EU To Weigh In Against DRM Inclusion In HTML Web Standard from

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) today wrote to several European Union commissioners in an appeal for them to weigh in against the standardisation of the Encrypted Media Extension (EME) for the new HTML version ...

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Microsoft v. DataTern: Judge Rader’s Dissent Withdrawn from

Last month I wrote about Microsoft Corporation v. DataTern, Inc., in which the Federal Circuit addressed the issue of subject matter jurisdiction over a declaratory judgment action brought by manufacturers where the patent holder had ...

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The CAFC tackles indefiniteness in In re Packard from

The CAFC panel of Judges O'Malley, Plager, and Taranto issued a per curium presidential opinion in In re Packard , with an interesting concurring opinion by Judge Plager.

The major issue was the conflicting standards ...

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"High patent grant rate" fable resurrected from

Timothy B. Lee [ ] resurrects the old Cecil Quillen "high grant rate" saga in a post Study suggests patent office lowered standards to cope with backlog.

Going back to the past, see ...

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ALJ Shaw Rules On Motions For Summary Determination In Certain Multiple Mode Outdoor Grills (337-TA-895) from

On April 29, 2014, ALJ David P. Shaw issued the public version of Order Nos. 33 and 34 (both dated April 17, 2014) granting-in-part and denying, respectively, motions for summary determination of non-infringement in Certain ...

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Guest Post: Patent Reform -- Lessons from Capitalism's Founding Father from

By Gautham Bodepudi* -- There are those very vocal about proposing legislative amendments to the patent statutes, in an attempt to curb litigation abuse and thereby promote innovation. The latest round of proposed amendments would allow ...

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