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post image New patent title from Hoffmann Eitle from

"The EU Patent Package Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide" is a new patent law title from the distinguished German-based European intellectual property practice of Hoffmann Eitle. Compiled by a team of experts from that firm ...

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post image In Legal Industry First, GLA McKenzie Long & Hugeo Opens Antarctica Office from

GLA McKenzie Long & Hugeo announced today the opening of an Antarctica office.  The new office is the firm’s 683rd location, following yesterday’s opening of an outpost in the Kufra basin and oasis group ...

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post image The IPKat and his blogging friends: an April update from

The Kat's blog friends. Every few months this weblog lists, in no particular order, a number of IP -flavoured weblogs with which members of the IPKat's blogging team are associated. If you've ...

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Software will undoubtedly remain patent-eligible after Supreme Court ruling in Alice v. CLS Bank from

It's quite a coincidence that the software patent trial of the year (Apple v. Samsung II in California) started on the same day -- yesterday -- as the seemingly software patents-related appellate hearing of the year ...

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RIKEN investigation confirms Obokata paper on stem cells in Nature used doctored figures from

An investigation by RIKEN confirmed that two of six figures in the Obokata paper in Nature were not what they were represented to be.
A question arises. Why did readers immediately detect the problems with ...

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Alice going to lose in CLS case? from

An article by Adam Liptak in the New York Times suggested that the Supreme Court justices were skeptical of Alice's patent method claims. It was not so clear how they would rule generally on ...

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Senju loses on claim preclusion from

The CAFC discussed matters of claim preclusion ("res judicata") in Senju v. Apotex The outcome was that Senju's claims were barred by claim preclusion. Lawlor, 349 US 322 was cited.

As an initial matter ...

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BlackBerry Granted Preliminary Injunction on Physical Smartphone Keyboard from

The court granted plaintiff's motion for a preliminary injunction precluding defendant from selling its smartphone keyboard product and found plaintiff established irreparable harm. "[Plaintiff] has convincingly shown that [its] keyboard designs are a key ...

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Patent Reform Moving Forward in Congress from

By Dennis Crouch While the attention of the patent community rightly be focused on the Supreme Court for the next few months, patent reform initiatives are rapidly moving forward in Congress, the US Patent Office ...

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Amy Kapczynski On The Future Of "Beyond IP" Scholarship from

I was thrilled to participate this past Sunday in the Innovation Law Beyond IP Conference at Yale Law School hosted by the Information Society Project (ISP). The list of attendees included Mark Lemley, Amy Kapczynski ...

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Hricik on Ethics from

Tomorrow: David Hricik on Patent Lawyer Ethics:   Topic: Spotting Current Client Conflicts of Interest in Patent Practice: Litigation; Opinions; and Prosecution. AIPLA Webinar from 12:00 – 1:30 EST.

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Assessment Of Climate Change Data Offers Conflicting Advice On IP from

A much-discussed new United Nations report on climate change addresses intellectual property issues and the role of innovation in developing technology and disseminate knowledge for local adaption to climate change.Related Articles:

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US Trade Barriers Report Highlights IPRs Among Top Concerns from

The United States Trade Representative’s annual report on barriers to US exports contains many references to intellectual property rights issues. These include latest topics of debate such as the treatment of pharmaceutical patents in ...

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