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US Claims Final Separation From Privileged Internet Oversight from

The Obama administration has announced a decision to make a last step towards completing privatisation of internet core infrastructure oversight, namely the central root zone of the domain name system. But it is not clear ...

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On mind-numbing Powerpoints: shortcuts to nowhere? from

Powerpoint presentations can be a shortcut to no where.  The following is from Californiastemcellreport on comments on one such Powerpoint talk:

The scientist's comment focused on one of the host of Power Point presentations ...

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RIKEN holds press conference on March 14, 2014 re: charges against stem cell/STAP papers published in the journal Nature from

In a post titled  RIKEN: No Misconduct Yet Found in Its Acid-Bath Stem Cell Investigation

in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News ["GEN"], officials at RIKEN asserted 
that the mistakes it has investigated thus far do ...

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#BeyondIP Blog Symposium: Golden & Wiseman, Vertinsky, Pager, and Silbey from

Following up on my opening post and our first four contributions, we have another four posts in the Innovation Law Beyond IP blog symposium at Balkinization. First, John Golden and Hannah Wiseman describe their paper ...

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