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post image Secret directive proposal: are Secret Santa's secrets any safer? from

Will Secret Santa find pan-European
protection of his identity, gift list and
database of donors and recipients ...?
Today the European Commission announced that it has now adopted a" proposal for a Directive on the protection ...

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post image TV and radio transmissions in spa establishments are communications to the public, says AG Sharpston from

Communication to the public: yes or no?
Merpel can't say without
investigating in person
There are times when even a copyright-loving Kat may miss a copyright case, not necessarily because she is having fun ...

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post image The Misplaced Patent Narrative from

This Kat has been out of blogging contact for the better part of two weeks, cavorting (professionally, that is), first in Miami Beach and then in Geneva. He can confirm that Miami Beach is short ...

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post image "Faint" arguments not for the faint-hearted from

Manvers Engineering Limited and another v Lubetech Industries Limited and others [2013] EWHC 3393 (IPEC) is on the whole a fairly unexciting, unremarkable ruling that the claimant's patent was valid (good news for him ...

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post image The Beastie Boys Claim Copyright Infringement in GoldieBlox Toy Commercial from

Merpel hopes her turkey disguise
will help her catch her dinnerToday, the Thanksgiving holiday, a day for giving thanks and sharing a hearty meal with family and friends [not to mention watching American football ...

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"Non-Practicing Lawmakers" -- The Mark-up of H.R. 3309 (Innovation Act) from

By Andrew Williams -- As we have previously reported, Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA), the Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary, introduced the "Innovation Act" (H.R. 3309) to curb abusive patent litigation, and conducted a ...

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USTR Says Its TPP Proposal On IP And Public Health Shows Flexibility from

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) yesterday issued a statement on the status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement talks on intellectual property rights and public health, suggesting that it has put ...

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WIPO Launches Green Tech Licensing Database, Network from

The World Intellectual Property Organization today launched WIPO Green, a database and network aimed at boosting licensing of environmental technologies.Related Articles:

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Critical Moment For Africa’s Small Farmers As ARIPO Decides On Plant Variety Protection from

The Africa Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) this week was expected to consider a proposal to move toward a biotechnology-friendly future, but small farmers say the current proposal will damage their ability to exist in ...

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“adapted to” from

In August of 2005, the PTO amended the MPEP to include a new section 2111.04.  This new section of the MPEP addressed the language “adapted to.”  While the new section of the MPEP cited ...

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