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post image Solar Surge: CEPGI Q2 Report Shows Solar Patents in Top Spot from

The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI) recently released its Second Quarter 2013 Results.  Researched and published by the Heslin Rothenberg law firm, CEPGI is a quarterly report on green patents issued in the United ...

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post image Design patents, trade dress & Apple III from

By Sarah Burstein, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma College of Law Apple, Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Fed. Cir. Nov. 18, 2013) (Apple III) Download 2013-1129 Panel: Prost (author), Bryson ...

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post image Jack Daniel’s Defends Trademark in Recent Case from

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey has recently taken to the courts to defend their trademark rights. Jack Daniels believes an independent brewer selling “Popcorn Sutton’s White Whiskey”, has infringed on their trademark rights, in particular ...

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post image Not NOW -- and maybe never! from

Now, now .... The Court of Appeal for England and Wales came up with a decision that was as predictable as the fact that the trial judge's ruling was going to be appealed in Starbucks ...

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post image A Computer Encompassing a Human from

By Dennis Crouch Ex Parte Ciprian Agapi, 2013 WL 6039024 (PTAB 2013) The PTAB continues to decide a large number of subject matter eligibility issues. In this case, IBM is attempting to patent a "computer ...

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The First IPR Decision -- A Win for the Patent Challenger from

By Andrew Williams -- Last week, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB" or "Board") issued the first inter partes review opinion in case IPR2012-00001, Garmin USA, Inc. (Petitioner) v. Cuozzo Speed Technologies LLC (Patent Owner ...

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ICANN Jumps Into Internet Governance Talk; Fight Over Domains For GIs from

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), celebrating its 15th birthday during its 48th meeting in Buenos Aires this week is not only busy pushing forward the introduction of new top-level domains. ICANN ...

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Third-Party IPR Warrants Stay, With Scope of Estoppel for “Redundant” Grounds to be Decided from

The court granted defendant's motion to stay pending inter partes review initiated by a nonparty, but agreed to hold a separate hearing regarding potential estoppel effects. "[Defendant] asks that the estoppel extend only to ...

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Ohio Willow Wood v. Alps South from

By Jason Rantanen The Ohio Willow Wood Company v. Alps South, LLC (Fed. Cir. 2013) Download 12-1642.Opinion.11-13-2013.1 Panel: Dyk, Bryson, and Reyna (author) There are three main isues addressed in this opinion ...

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Film Industry In Developing Countries Needs To Implement Copyright, Speakers Say from

An event held today alongside the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on development gathered several cinema professionals working in emerging or developing countries and said that film makers in those countries need to understand better ...

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Board holds inherency does not require that all embodiments necessarily have claimed feature from

Takeaway:  The Applicant appealed claims to an absorbent belted article (e.g., a diaper). The claims recited a belt attached to an absorbent structure by a joint, and also included functional limitations describing the release ...

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A “Raging Bull” Won’t Quit: The Doctrine of Delay and Copyright Infringement from

Rules define sport. In boxing, a fighter who is knocked down has a ten-second count to stand up and continue the match. If they fail, they are declared “knocked out” and their opponent wins. Rules ...

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ALJ Shaw Grants Motion To Compel In Certain Crawler Cranes (337-TA-887) from

On November 15, 2013, ALJ David P. Shaw issued Order No. 8 granting Complainant Manitowoc Cranes, LLC’s (“Manitowoc”) motion to compel Respondents Sany Heavy Industry, Ltd. and Sany America, Inc. (collectively, “Sany”) to provide ...

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