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post image They Invented What? (No. 236) from

U.S. Patent No.1,466,559: Exercising device. I claim: 1. A device for exercising the teeth comprising a plate adapted to correspond with the articulation of the user, and means connected with the ...

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post image Patents in Space? from

The IPKat has really got the hang of his
patented anti-gravity device -- but how
on Earth (as it were) will he get down again?
When it comes to space, we live in a mixture of ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Now we know
what he's
smiling about
Katfriend and IP/IT enthusiast Giulio Corragio -- who also runs the GamingTechLaw weblog -- has emailed the Kat to tell him that he is running a webinar on ...

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post image TPP leak: time for trade marks from

A pleasant way to sail the
Pacific: the Kat-amaran
Not so secret. Our first assessment of the Wikileaked text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (by Angela Daly) covered copyright and our second assessment (by Alberto Bellan ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Eli Lilly and Company et al. v. Watson Laboratories Inc et al. 3:13-cv-00637; filed November ...

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Federal Circuit Finds Material Withholdings And Misreprestations To Support Inequitable Conduct from

In Ohio Willow Wood Co. v. Alps South, LLC, the Federal Circuit found that Ohio Willow Wood had both withheld material information and made material representations during proceedings before the USTPTO. Because the district court ...

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Comments Received To South Africa’s Process For New IP Policy from

CAPE TOWN - The much-anticipated process of public submissions into the draft South Africa National Intellectual Property Policy has come to a close. The country’s trade minister says the office is busy collating the 100 ...

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India Weathering Doubts About Its Approach To Intellectual Property from

NEW YORK - The US Chamber of Commerce has been on a campaign to show that India’s recent treatment of intellectual property is harming foreign investment and its economy. Last week, the heavyweight Washington industry ...

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Qualcomm amicus brief supports dismissal of Apple's FRAND contract case against Google from

On Thursday I blogged about an Apple filing in Southern California seeking to prevent Google (Motorola Mobility) from spying on high-level negotiations between Apple and Qualcomm. That particular litigation is all about whether Motorola Mobility ...

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Lawmakers Urge Caution on Innovation Act from

We previously reported on the recent efforts by Congress to reform patent litigation procedures by way of the House’s “Innovation Act” H.R. 3309. The Senate is considering its version of the bill, entitled ...

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PTAB Appeals 10-Second Survey from

Would you pay an extra $5,000 for accelerated PTAB decisions in ex parte cases within nine months rather than waiting 2 1/2 years? Not worth it for me or my clients. I would ...

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“Conditional Action” is Unpatentable Abstract Idea from

The court granted defendant's motion to dismiss plaintiff's infringement action because plaintiff's method patent for triggering machine events claimed unpatentable subject matter. "The patent describes . . . a method for superimposing prespecified locational, environmental ...

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Major new UK report on intangibles financing from

The UK Intellectual Property Office has released its final report on Banking on IP? The role of intellectual property and intangible assets in facilitating business finance. A summary of the findings is also available. The ...

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Appeals court revives Apple's bid for permanent U.S. sales ban against Samsung from


The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has just handed Apple a major strategic win. The appeals court overruled part of the reasoning underlying Judge Lucy Koh ...

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Legislative Update from

IPWatchdog is reporting that Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA) is working to fast track the Innovation Act through the House of Representatives.  He reports that Rep. Goodlatte has scheduled a markup session on the bill for this ...

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Article: WIPO Director Gurry In Hot Seat On Eve Of Election Deadline from

An article in the local Geneva press today asserts that World Intellectual Property Organization Director General Francis Gurry is in the hot seat over the inability of member states to pass a budget for the ...

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Federal Circuit offers Apple Second Chance to Block Sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus Devices from

By Dennis Crouch Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Appeal No. 2013-1129 (Nov. 18, 2013) In a unanimous opinion, the Federal Circuit has vacated Judge Koh's decision denying Apple injunctive relief to stop Samsung ...

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WIPO Committee Opens With Review Of Development Agenda Implementation from

The World Intellectual Property Organization development committee opened its meeting this week with a heavy list of subjects to cover but developing country delegates insisted on diving head first on the issue of an independent ...

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