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post image Cross-Border IP Deals Scrutinized at Asia IP Business Congress from

“Cross-border IP deals: bridges and barricades” will be a featured topic at this year’s IP Business Congress in Singapore, November 17-19. Securing a patent license or sale is never been a simple matter, even ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Don't forget to check out the IPKat's forthcoming events page. Quite a few new events have been listed of late, including the TIPLO Christmas meeting (fortuitously taking place on 3 December, to enable ...

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post image Judge certifies Microsoft's FRAND victory over Google, which goes forum-shopping on appeal from

More than two months after a federal jury rendered (figuratively speaking) a guilty verdict against Google's Motorola Mobility for breach of a FRAND licensing commitment relating to its H.264 (video codec) and IEEE ...

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post image Licences for Europe: an insider's report from the final plenary meeting from

As was announced yesterday on the IPKat and reported today by The 1709 Blog, this afternoon the final plenary meeting of the Licences for Europe initiative took place.
As this Kat could not attend in ...

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post image Advantage of delayed patent prosecution for drafting claims from

Advantage of delayed patent prosecution for drafting claims Upon filing a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, your invention receives patent pending status.  However, you do not have enforceable rights at ...

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Event Brings Business Perspective To Creating, Leveraging IP In Developing Countries from

An event being held in Durban, South Africa next week will bring the expertise of global and local businesses, governments, academics and others to the issues of harnessing foreign intellectual property rights as well as ...

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When NPR Podcasters Hit the Patent System – An Update from

By Andrew Williams -- In May of this year, the NPR podcast "Planet Money" released an episode entitled "When Patents Hit the Podcast." At that time, we reported on this podcast, and the misconceptions of the ...

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Independent Justification for Appellate Standing over Inter Partes Reviews from

By Dennis Crouch The recent Supreme Court decision in Already v. Nike revolves around the question of when a trademark-challenger has declaratory judgment standing to challenge a mark's validity. That particular case revolved around ...

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Return of the Digital Divide from

This morning's Washington Post includes a special report on the Digital Divide -- based on a forum on the subject organized by the Post last week. (Note: the online version has links to videos of ...

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In Limine Objection to “Patent Quality Inventor Study” Sustained from

The court sustained defendant's objection to a “Patent Quality Inventor Study” submitted by plaintiff which ranked the inventor of the patents-in-suit "as the 'top rated inventor' in the 'wireless' invention category. [Plaintiff] argues that ...

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US Supreme Court Declines Review Of Controversial Copyright Ruling from

The US Supreme Court yesterday let stand an important appellate court ruling on copyright law, giving a boost to artists who repurpose others’ works and to supporters of fair use rights. This decision, however, upset ...

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Targeted Advertising Puts Bell in Sights of the Privacy Commissioner from

Motivated to compete with Facebook and Google, Bell recently announced that starting November 16 it will be collecting massive amounts of customer data to deliver targeted advertising. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada ...

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Beer, Reform, and Policy: A Pint of Chinese Trade-mark Law from

If you want to order a Heineken in China, just ask the bartender for a “喜力啤酒” (pronounced “see lee pee jow”). The second word-pair, “啤酒”(“pee jow”), simply means “beer” and can be ubiquitously used ...

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Wikileaks’ Release Of TPP Chapter On IP Blows Open Secret Trade Negotiation from

For years, the United States and partner governments have worked vigorously to keep the publics they represent from knowing what they are negotiating behind closed doors in the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. But today ...

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“Licences For Europe” Stakeholder Dialogue Ends With Some Agreement, Some Criticism from

Licences for Europe, a European Commission-launched stakeholder dialogue intended to make more copyright-protected content available online, ended today with some concrete proposals but also some criticism. The exercise - which focussed on cross-border access and portability ...

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ITC Finds No Violation Of Section 337 In Certain Products Containing Interactive Program Guide And Parental Control Technology (337-TA-845) from

On November 1, 2013, the International Trade Commission (the “ITC” or the “Commission”) issued a notice in Certain Products Containing Interactive Program Guide and Parental Control Technology (Inv. No. 337-TA-845).  In the notice, the Commission ...

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Desperate Final Stretch For The “Marco Civil Do Brasil” from

The original 10 internet governance principles that formed the basis for Brazil's Marco Civil legislation were presented proudly by the Brazilian delegation to the Internet Governance Forum in Vilnius. That was in 2010. In ...

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