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post image Is counterfeiting a real problem or a fake one? A response from

A week and a half ago, experienced IP barrister Ashley Roughton posed the question "Is counterfeiting a real problem -- or a fake one?" (here). While very few comments were posted by readers, this Kat received ...

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Intellect Wireless v. HTC from

By Jason Rantanen Intellect Wireless, Inc. v. HTC Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2013) Download 12-1658.Opinion.10-7-2013.1 Panel: Prost, Moore (author), O'Malley This opinion is notable because it involves one of the extremely rare ...

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"The Good Wife" on Oct. 27, 2013. Episode 100. from

"Alicia is leaving the firm and she's taking our top clients." Diane to Will. "Document everything."

Will: first of all you're fired. second, I'm taking your cell phone. Get out of here ...

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"The Mentalist" On October 27, 2013 from

Patrick to Ray Haffner (played by Reed Diamond ), now working for Visualize: You're a worse psychic than you were a cop. Murder victim, Chad Parkman: a successful Olympic gymnastic coach. Parkman's Gym, Marin ...

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Supreme Court Announcement of AMP v. Myriad from

At the beginning of each Supreme Court term, the Court releases the recordings of the announcements of Court decisions from the previous term.  Here is the announcement from back in June of the decision in ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

October 29, 2013 - IP Due Diligence in M&A; Transactions -- Conducting IP Investigations and Leveraging Results During Deal Negotiations (Strafford) - 1:00 to 2:30 pm (EDT) October 29-30, 2013 - European Patent Practice Seminar (John ...

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IPO Webinar on Obviousness from

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) will offer a one-hour webinar entitled "Obviousness: 'Objective Evidence' Redux, and Other Lessons from Recent Federal Circuit Decisions" on October 30, 2013 beginning at 2:00 pm (ET). A ...

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