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post image Monday miscellany from

Around the weblogs. Some people still regard IP blogs as somewhat ephemeral, insubstantial media, the literary equivalent of hot air -- but there's a lot you can achieve with hot air if it's the ...

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post image Of principles and pragmatism: your vote on Washington Redskins brand from

Red, but not skinned! Guest Kat Miri Frankel's recent blogpost ("Crowdsourcing a Brand New Name", here) on the sustained campaign of objections to the use of the iconic Washington Redskins name in the United ...

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post image Intellectual Ventures and its 80,000 Patents from

by Dennis Crouch On Friday, Greg Gorder led a great discussion here at the University of Missouri School of Law as part of our symposium on Resolving IP Disputes. Gorder is a co-founder of the ...

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post image Supreme Court Will Not Review False Marking Provisions of AIA from

Public Patent Foundation, Inc. v. McNeil-PPC, Inc.

As previously reported on this blog, Public Patent Foundation asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider whether the retroactive application of the AIA's changes to the ...

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Trade Secrets Important But Neglected, IP Experts Say At WTO from

Academics and experts from international organisations met last week at the World Trade Organization to discuss the role of knowhow in today’s global economy, stressing the relevance of trade secrets in global value chains ...

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Appellants lose on written description in Ex parte Brown from

Ex parte Brown

Whether a specification complies with the written description requirement of 35 U.S.C. § 112, first paragraph, is a question of fact. Regents of Univ. of Cal. v. Eli Lilly and Co ...

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Appellants win in Ex parte Chen from

Ex parte Chen

“Inherency ... may not be established by probabilities or possibilities. The mere fact that a certain thing may result from a given set of circumstances is not sufficient.” MEHL/Biophile Int’l Corp ...

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ITU Stats Show 40 Percent Of World Online In 2013, Billions Still Not Connected from

The UN International Telecommunication Union today released global statistics on information and communications technology, showing great advances in speed, reach and mobile connectivity, but with the reality that billions of humans are still not connected ...

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“Patent Troll” Accusation Does Not Justify Award of Attorneys’ Fees from

Following summary judgment of invalidity, the court denied defendant's motion for $4.9 million in attorneys' fees and rejected defendant's argument that the award was justified because plaintiff was a "patent troll." "[Defendant ...

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Hoping to Understand the Troll: the FTC Seeks Public Comment on its Proposed Information Requests from

On September 27, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), announced that it had unanimously voted to seek public comments on its proposed requests for information from selected Patent Assertion Entities (“PAEs”), typically referred to as “patent ...

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ALJ Lord Denies Motion To Amend Protective Order In Certain Two-Way Global Satellite Communication Devices (337-TA-854) from

On September 24, 2013, ALJ Sandra (Dee) Lord issued Order No. 15 denying DeLorme Publishing Company, Inc. and DeLorme InReach, LLC’s (collectively, “DeLorme”) motion to amend the protective order in Certain Two-Way Global Satellite ...

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Looking for the killer app for 3D printing from

One of the constant questions about additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) is whether it is truly a game changer or simply a niche technology. Right now, the discussion seems focused on two questions. The first ...

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Emulex loses big to Broadcom at CAFC from

Broadcom v. Emulex

After a trial and post-trial motions, the United States District Court for the Central District of California de- termined that Emulex Corporation (Emulex) infringed Broadcom Corporation’s (Broadcom) U.S. Patent No ...

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Supreme Court Action Today from

By Dennis Crouch Supreme Court Action on 10/7/2013 Extraterritorial Application of US Patent Law: The Supreme Court has issued an invitation to the Solicitor General to file the Views of the Obama Administration ...

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WIPO Releases New PCT Video Series from

I'm pleased to bring you the next two episodes in WIPO's series, "Learn the PCT".  Deputy Director Matthias Reischle introduces the main features of incorporation by reference in Episode 9. He explains how ...

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At WTO, Pharma, Tobacco Industries Explain Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts from

The International Chamber of Commerce organised a panel during the World Trade Organization Public Forum last week to explore what industry sees as challenges of trade in the digital age. Three panellists presented concerns - mainly ...

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Industry Says IP Key In Technology Dissemination; Others Call For More African Innovation from

A panel of industry representatives presented their views at the World Trade Organization on the diffusion of innovation, calling intellectual property rights key to the process. Meanwhile, another panel looked at innovation as a growth ...

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Appellants win on indefiniteness in Ex parte Byers from

Ex parte Byers

The issues of indefiniteness turn primarily on whether the Appellant clarified what the Examiner had difficulty understanding. The issues of obviousness turn primarily on whether the term “application” is to be given ...

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Mixed decision for Ex parte de Leon from

Ex parte de Leon

The evidence supports the Examiner’s conclusion that Choi and Jaeger suggest the method of claim 1. We therefore affirm the obviousness rejection of claim 1 and of claims 3-6, 8 ...

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Appellants lose in appeal of Green Tech battery case from

Ex parte Gale

The case involved "green technology":

We note the underlying application in this appeal has been granted a petition to make special under 37 CFR § 1.102, from a petition filed on March ...

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Greenwashing 2.0 Published from

I’m pleased to announce that my article – Greenwashing 2.0 - was published at the end of September in the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law (CJEL).  The current issue of CJEL can be found here ...

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Does your website privacy policy describe how you handle “do not track” requests? If not, read this . . . from

A new California state law is prompting businesses around the country to update their website privacy policies to more fully describe how the business handles certain customer data. California’s Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA ...

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Lee: Patents and the University from

How do universities treat patents, and how does patent law treat universities?

These are the main questions addressed by Peter Lee, Professor of Law at University of California, Davis, in his new article, "Patents and ...

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Chester Carlson and the Xerox Story: Do Great Inventors Really Have to Die Early and Lonely? from

The photocopier, one of the most valuable inventions in the modern world, began with the all-consuming passion of one man, Chester Carlson, who sacrificed almost everything he had for years to realize his dream of ...

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IPO Webinar on Written Description of Biotech Inventions from

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) will offer a one-hour webinar on "Written Description of Biotech Inventions: Insight from the USPTO" on October 10, 2013 beginning at 2:00 pm (ET). Daniel Kolker, Supervisory Patent ...

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In Defense of the Federal Circuit: A Response to Judge Wood from

By Edward Reines -- Edward Reines (at right), a partner at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, frequently argues before the Federal Circuit and is chair of the court's Advisory Council. Prepared remarks for Judge Wood's Sept ...

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