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post image Thursday thingies from

Nuggets of Gold for the CIPA Journal.  This Kat has learned today that his good friend Tibor Gold is replacing Michael Harrison at the helm of the CIPA Journal, where he will function as Acting ...

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post image Twin Peeks? The Peeks and the Cloppenburgs go head-to-head from

The UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has kindly reminded the IPKat that the Court of Justice of the European Union will soon have the joy of considering an appeal against a judgment of the ...

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post image Facebook 20 million$ settlement in class-action lawsuit over violation of privacy rights from

Source: Facebook In Angel Fraley et al. v Facebook Inc, the US district Court of Northern California approved on 26 August a $20 million settlement to be paid by Facebook for putting users’ names and ...

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post image It's okay for the US -- but how do you calculate lost profit in the Lost Continent? from

Calculating Lost Profit in IP and Patent Infringement Cases by Nancy J. Fannon and published by Business Valuation Resources, LLC, reflects the advantages offered to prospective US litigants when the likelihood of infringement litigation and ...

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Follow-up on New Zealand: patent offices and judges don't interpret patent law like geeks do from

My tale-of-caution post on yesterday's adoption of a patent reform bill in New Zealand has been one of most popular writings this month -- popular in terms of the interest it has drawn, not in ...

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New Patents Act in New Zealand from

The IPKat (well this one, at least) is always excited by news of a new Patents Act, and so he was jolly pleased to read in his Twitter feed that the New Zealand Patents Bill ...

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Revised 2Q 2013 GDP show intangibles down from

There is good news and bad news in this morning's revised 2Q GDP data from BEA. The good news is that the GDP an annual rate of 2.5% rather than the weaker 1 ...

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License of Specific Patent Claims to Handset Manufacturers Exhausts All Claims as to Downstream Use of the Handsets from

The court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment on their patent exhaustion defense because plaintiff’s license to cellular handset manufacturers, which were limited to specific patent claims and specific fields of use, exhausted the ...

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Without More, Product Supplier has no DJ Jurisdiction for Protecting its Customers against Infringement Litigation for Using Product from

By Dennis Crouch Cisco Systems, Inc. v. Alberta Telecom (d/b/a TR Tech) (Fed. Cir. 2013) In a non-precedential opinion, the Federal Circuit has extended the Supreme Court's recent holding in Nike v ...

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Microsoft taking aim at Motorola's "empty head, pure heart" defense in ongoing Seattle trial from

The Microsoft v. Motorola breach-of-FRAND-pledge trial, which started on Monday, is still going on in Seattle, and I'm glad when at least some documents get filed because it makes it easier to follow the ...

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Get off the couch, Start marketing your product from

Get off the Couch, Start Marketing Your Product In my 10 years of experience, there are generally two different types of inventors.  There are inventors that file a patent application then wait for the patent ...

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CAFC discusses clarification of an injunction order from

from within Aevoe v. AE Tech :

AE Tech Co., Ltd. (“AE Tech”), S&F; Corporation, and
GreatShield, Inc.1 appeal the district court’s preliminary
injunction granted in favor of Aevoe Corporation (“Aevoe”)
barring particular ...

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Update Regarding Certain Laundry And Household Cleaning Products (337-TA-891) from

Further to our August 26, 2013 post, Chief ALJ Charles E. Bullock issued a notice assigning himself as the presiding Administrative Law Judge in Certain Laundry And Household Cleaning Products and Related Packaging (Inv. No ...

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The GAO Issues a Report on Patent Litigation Trends -- It Turns Out that the Sky Is Not Falling from

By Andrew Williams -- As we have previously reported, the patent system is under attack, and has been for quite some time. Generally, these attacks either begin with the assumption that the patent system is "broken ...

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