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post image Will Samsung Sales Be Preserved By White House ITC Ban Veto? from

The battle continues After the US Trade Representative (USTR) vetoed an International Trade Commission (ITC) ban on certain Apple products that the ITC determined infringed upon Samsung patents (read more here), many Katfans sniffed a ...

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Authors of Genome Medicine Article Form Genetic Testing Company from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a paper published in March in the journal Genome Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Rosenfeld of the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey and Dr. Christopher Mason of Cornell University contended that ...

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Microsoft, Nokia, Huawei oppose InterDigital's push for ITC import ban on public interest grounds from

Last week I reported and commented on public interest statements filed by Ericsson and the Innovation Alliance in the ITC investigation of InterDigital's June 2011 complaint against Nokia, Huawei, and ZTE. The Administrative Law ...

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Before there were trolls, there were sharks from

With all the news about patent trolls, you may find this bit of history interesting -- from Patent Alchemy: The Market for Technology in U.S. History. Apparently, in the 19th Century, a similar phenomena occurred ...

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EA Loses Battle to Put Athlete’s Likeness in Video Game from

In a victory for athletes specifically, and proponents of personality rights generally, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal has ruled against Electronic Arts (EA) in its use of former college quarterback Sam Keller’s ...

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ALJ Shaw Sets Procedural Schedule In Certain Digital Media Devices (337-TA-882) from

Further to our June 20, 2013 and July 23, 2013 posts, on August 12, 2013, ALJ David P. Shaw issued Order No. 15 in Certain Digital Media Devices, Including Televisions, Blu-Ray Disc Players, Home Theater ...

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Patent Attorneys Love Apple from

Fordham has a new study on smartphone patents and their assertion. Here is the money quote: The most frequent plaintiff in the dataset [is] Apple. Apple has a uniquely aggressive litigation history when compared to ...

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Stay Pending Third Party IPR Granted Despite Lack of Estoppel from

The magistrate judge recommended granting defendant's motion to stay pending a third party's petition for inter partes review of 3 of the 4 patents-in-suit even though defendant would not be estopped from reasserting ...

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Full Attorney Fees ($9m) Awarded for Pattern of Vexatious Litigation Strategy, Affirmed on Appeal from

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) v. O2 Micro (Fed. Cir. 2013). The court decision here ends with the following statement: More than a decade ago, the Beckman Instruments court foretold, "we can certainly imagine a case ...

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