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post image More IP titles for your delectation from

Research Handbook On Governance Of The Internet, edited by Ian Brown and published by the increasingly adventurous Edward Elgar, is almost the complete opposite of many an EE compendium. For while this Kat has frequently ...

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post image The Declaration of Independence from

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have ...

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post image Secrets on wheels: two automotive confidentiality actions from

The Courts in England and Wales have recently addressed confidentiality issues in two cases, each of which coincidentally involves cars. By way of contrast, the first case deals with ways of making cars go faster ...

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post image Motorola's royalty demand from Microsoft was like demanding $54 million for a standard Ford Taurus from

This is my second post today on Wednesday's filings in the Microsoft v. Motorola FRAND contract case in the Western District of Washington. In the previous one I discussed Google's attempt to game ...

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Technological Neutrality: (Pre)Serving the Purposes of Copyright Law from

In the realm of law,neutrality is widely hailed as a fundamental principle of fairness, justice and equity; it is also, however, widely criticized as a myth that too often obscures the inevitable reality of ...

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Google pays German patent appeals judge $450 per hour for involvement in Microsoft FRAND case from

Four months ago I drew attention to Samsung's recruitment of retired (but still occasionally-active) UK appeals judge Sir Robin Jacob as an expert witness in a U.S. patent dispute with Ericsson, only a ...

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ECOSOC Panel: Science, Technology, Innovation Essential For Universal Health Coverage from

A United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) panel discussion on universal health coverage (UHC) on 3 July highlighted the importance of science, technology and innovation for achieving UHC, especially in the context of the ...

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Happy Fourth of July from

The Intellectual Property Department at Gibbons P.C. wishes its readers a happy and safe Independence Day!

We also express our gratitude for all those who have served and those presently serving in harm’s ...

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Happy Birthday To You, Copyrighted from

Warner/Chappel Music, a music publishing company in the United States of America, claims and exerts copyright in the ubiquitous song “Happy Birthday to You”. It requires that royalty payments should be made to it ...

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WIPO Innovation Division On Chopping Block? from

Several years ago, the World Intellectual Property Organization set up an "Innovation Division", headed by US patent lawyers, including a top Silicon Valley attorney and a top lawyer for a giant non-practising entity ("patent troll ...

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Lilly, Regeneron and a puzzling point: can you help? from

Yesterday saw a parade of blogposts from all three of the current batch of guest Kats. Today the IPKat is delighted to host this post from a former, and highly distinguished guest Kat, Professor Norman ...

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