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post image Reverse payment settlements and antitrust law: like cats and dogs? from

Last week, in Federal Trade Commission v Actavis Inc. et Al., the US Supreme Court turned its attention to a fascinating crossroad of IP and competition law, reverse payment settlements. The phenomenon consists in an ...

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post image Max Planck launches Principles for IP Provisions in Bilateral and Regional Agreements from

Minerva is always keeping an eye on the developments in international trade policy. For quite some time now she has been observing the trend of including provisions on the protection and enforcement of IP into ...

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Japanese appeals court upholds dismissal of Apple-Samsung lawsuit over synchronization patent from

According to reports by major news agencies (AP, Bloomberg), the Tokyo-based Intellectual Property High Court, which is the (even more specialized) Japanese equivalent of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, today ...

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Voices Of The Blind In Marrakesh Hoped To Carry A Long Way from

Marrakesh, Morocco - Yesterday, under a scorching sun, the World Blind Union organised an event to raise awareness on the negotiations taking place inside the Marrakesh Palais des Congrès. Behind them, in the building, negotiators have ...

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IPO Releases List of Top 300 Patent Holders for 2012 from

Life Sciences Top 50 By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier today, the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) announced the release of its 30th annual list of the top 300 organizations receiving U.S. patents. Patent Docs Readers ...

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Google asks German high court to review one of Microsoft's patent injunctions against Android from

In April, the Munich Higher Regional Court affirmed the Munich I Regional Court's May 2012 decision to grant Microsoft a Germany-wide patent injunction against Motorola Mobility's Android-based devices implementing a multi-part text messaging ...

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Microsoft wants to tell jury in patent contract case about Google's refusal to release $100M bond from

A week ago Microsoft formally requested the release of a $100 million bond it had posted about a year ago in connection with an anti-enforcement injunction against a patent injunction obtained by Motorola Mobility in ...

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Isolated Genes Are None Of Your Business! – SCOTUS Decides Myriad from

On June 13, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered a decision which ruled against the patenting of isolated DNA sequences in their natural form in the now infamous case involving Myriad Genetics, Inc. and ...

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Expectations High As End Of Substantive Negotiations Near For Blind Treaty Negotiators from

Marrakesh, Morocco - Today is the day for World Intellectual Property Organization negotiators to find consensus on longstanding issues and come up with language that can satisfy all countries’ concerns on a treaty, the first of ...

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High Court Seeks Government Input on Akamai v. Limelight from

The Supreme Court asked the U.S. Solicitor General to weigh in on whether to hear an appeal from the Federal Circuit’s decision in Akamai Technologies Inc. et al v. Limelight Network, Inc. on ...

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Complicated outcome in Commil v. Cisco from

From the case Commil v. Cisco

Of the issues on appeal:

Cisco appeals the district court decision on several
First, Cisco contends that an erroneous instruction
allowed the jury to find inducement based on ...

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German court inclined to hold Samsung liable for unfair exploitation of iPhone design elements from

On August 9, 2011 the Düsseldorf Regional Court shocked the wireless world by ordering a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 over a Community design (EU equivalent of U.S. design patent ...

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Successful NPE Plaintiff Entitled to Pre-Judgment Interest from

The court granted plaintiff's motion for pre-judgment interest at the average prime rate, compounded annually and rejected defendant's argument that pre-judgment interest should not be awarded because plaintiff was a non-practicing entity. "[Defendant ...

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Prosecution/Reexam Bar Denied Due to Delay from

The court denied defendants' motion to modify the default protective order to preclude plaintiff's counsel from participating in patent prosecutions and reexaminations involving defendants' technologies after defendant delayed two years from its first request ...

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Feline Felicity - Consultation on Draft Rules of Procedure for the Unified Patent Court from

The IPKat has complained (vide IPKat passim ad nauseam, most recently here) about the short time given for consultations in relation to pending CJEU referrals, while celebrating some improvements in this issue, for example here ...

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REMINDER: Canada Day Is The Submission Deadline for Canada’s IP Writing Challenge! from

Canada Day is fast-approaching.  This means it’s also time to prepare your submissions to Canada’s IP Writing Challenge!  The submission deadline is Monday July 1, at 5pm. The winner from each category will ...

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The Europeanisation of Trade Mark Law from

This Chapter analyses one harmonisation project within European intellectual property law, namely, the recent development of trade mark law within the European Union (EU). It highlights several characteristics of trade mark harmonisation within the European ...

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Corkill cited in Ex parte Reese from

Ex parte Reese cites Merck v. Biocraft and In re Corkill for a disclosure of many combinations still rendering a claim to a few of the combinations obvious.

Agrizap v. Woodstream is cited on secondary ...

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Commil v. Cisco: Issues of validity "may" negate intent for inducement from

By Jason Rantanen (note that you can now follow me on Twitter @PatentlyO_Jason). For the sake of disclosure: while I was in practice I represented Cisco in an unrelated patent infringement litigation involving wireless technology ...

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Publishers Urge European Commission To Reject Google’s Competition Proposal from

Hundreds of European publishers have issued a call for the European Commission to reject draft remedies put forward by Google to settle concerns about market dominance in web searching and search advertising. Related Articles:

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UNAIDS Reports Sharp Drop In New HIV Infections In Some African Countries from

Since 2009, seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa have reduced new HIV infections among children by 50 percent, and others have made significant progress, according to a new report by UNAIDS. But efforts in some countries ...

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Knowles Files New 337 Complaint Regarding Certain Silicon Microphone Packages from

On June 21, 2013, Knowles Electronics, LLC of Itasca, Illinois (“Knowles”) filed a complaint requesting that the ITC commence an investigation pursuant to Section 337. The complaint alleges that GoerTek, Inc. of China and GoerTek ...

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Miracle In Marrakesh: “Historic” Treaty For Visually Impaired Agreed from

Marrakesh, Morocco - The mood was one of celebration at the Marrakesh Palais des Congrès to greet the success of World Intellectual Property Organization negotiators in their attempt to produce a draft treaty text showing consensus ...

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Did the Federal Circuit Just Adopt Functional Claiming Through the Back Door? from

Guest Post by Mark Lemley. Professor Lemley is the William H. Neukom Professor at Stanford Law School and a founding partner of the successful law firm of Durie Tangri where he litigates intellectual property cases ...

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