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post image Google and EFF have credibility deficit in 'interoperability' context, try to redefine the term from

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an important role in democracy. While corporations have interests, activists are loyal to a cause regardless of whom it benefits. Even if I disagree with an NGO's positions and objectives ...

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post image Fresh from the Press: The Pleas in Law of the Spanish Actions against the Unitary Patent Regulations from

El Kato strikes back after the bitter defeat 
in the case against enhanced cooperation God knows that this Kat is not a big fan of the unitary patent package - not because it dislikes the idea ...

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post image Prancercise – viral video and protected trademark @prancercise from

This week, a YouTube video featuring a goofy woman doing a goofy “prancing” exercise workout exploded virally. The video  has more than 3 million views! (See below). Behind this viral internet sensation, there is is ...

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post image AIA Post-Grant Practice Rapidly Integrates Federal Circuit and Board Decisions from

AIA post-grant practice has many advantages over other proceedings, but one of the great benefits of AIA post-grant practice that we have not discussed is the speed in which AIA post-grant proceedings adopt recent patent ...

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Google says Skyhook's assertion of 98 patent claims makes lawsuit unmanageable from

The first filing in a smartphone-related patent lawsuit bearing a June 2013 date was made by Google, which a few minutes after midnight by Eastern Time brought a "motion to require Skyhook to reduce the ...

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Google Seeks Patent on Music Libraries and Rating Playlists from

As the developer of the Android mobile device software, Google is heavily involved with mobile device and digital media systems development. Two recent patent applications filed by Google would protect different innovations for Internet audio ...

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Design right cases at the Patents County Court get interesting with referral for criminal contempt proceedings from

Merpel was perusing the slightly more obscure section of the BAILII website dealing with decisions of the Patents County Court, and she nearly choked on her cornflakes when she read, in the case of Utopia ...

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EU Anti-Terror Data Retention Directive Meeting Resistance In EU Courts from

The European Court of Justice in a decision dated 30 May ordered Sweden to pay a lump sum of €3 million euros for its delay in transposing the controversial 2006 EU data retention directive into ...

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EFF's amicus briefs in Oracle v. Google suggest non-copyrightability is only path to interoperability from

Many roads lead to Rome, but if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I'm sure you've heard these two proverbs before, but the authors and signatories of two ...

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