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post image Is "Licences for Europe" already falling apart? The case of text and data mining from

It was just a few months ago that the EU Commission proudly released its (quite ambitious) plans to modernise EU copyright.
Following an orientation debate on content in the digital economy, at the end of ...

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post image SpicyIP Weekly Review (May 4th Week) from

SpicyIP saw a very busy week with many interesting developments -
Image from hereThe week started with Sai’s insightful post on Microsoft v Motorola. The 207 page judgment of JudgeJames L Robart on fixing ...

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Google tells Federal Circuit what it actually likes about Judge Robart's FRAND rate ruling from

A couple of weeks ago Apple filed a copy of Judge Robart's FRAND rate ruling with the Federal Circuit and explained why it believes this supplemental authority supports its case in the "Posner appeal ...

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World Health Assembly: Committee Breaks Deadlock On Poor Quality Meds Mechanism from

Breaking six months of deadlock, WHA members reached a compromise in committee on the issue of which country should preside over the global mechanism on poor quality medicines by supporting Brazil’s proposal to rotate ...

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Sunday Morning for May 26, 2013 from

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, 2013. We mark Memorial Day this weekend, with a two fold meaning: remembering and noting the unofficial start of summer.

The ...

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Comparative Advertising: Delhi HC (Reckitt Benckiser v. Hindustan Lever Limited) from

Hindustan Lever Limited(HUL) aired a television commercial which depicted a child being sick because of the alleged use of Dettol as an antiseptic liquid in bathing water whilst promoting the superiority of Hindustan Lever ...

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IPO Webinar on CLS Bank Int'l v. Alice Corp. from

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) will offer a one-hour webinar entitled "CLS Opinions: What to Do Now" on May 30, 2013 beginning at 2:00 pm (ET). A panel consisting of Michael Chernoff, Director ...

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Snow Plowed from

Few federal judges are more than randomly competent, particularly with patent cases. Judges, never the brightest legal minds, mostly rely upon their instincts, trusting emotional bias, and in the finale wrapping legal window-dressing around their ...

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