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Google's FRAND-zero patent license for VP8 threatens to divide Web and FOSS communities from

Google is already promoting the VP9 video codec, which may very well raise new patent issues, while pushing for adoption of VP8 as an Internet standard. But the patent license it has drafted for VP8 ...

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WIPO Group To Consider Substantive Amendment To Patent Cooperation Treaty from

On the agenda of the normally technical World Intellectual Property Organization working group on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) next week is a proposal for an amendment that would incorporate into the PCT the bilateral ...

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Dr. Phil Sues Gawker Media for Copyright Infringement from

As briefly discussed above, Peteski brought this action against Deadspin because Deadspin copied the Dr. Phil show that had an exclusive interview with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Tuiasosopo is the brains (and voice) behind the hoax that ...

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WIPO Development Committee Ends On Positive Note With Modest Results from

After a week which many World Intellectual Property Organization delegates working on development issues found difficult, a degree of consensus appeared in the last hour late on 17 May. Developing countries' requests were substantially scaled ...

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Guest Post: A rejoinder from the IPKat from

Continuing with our debate, between Darren Smyth of IPKat fame and Siva Thambisetty, on the merits of the Supreme Court's decision in the Novartis case, we have for our readers a rejoinder from Darren ...

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Federal Circuit Bench and Bar Conference 2013 from

The Federal Circuit will be holding its 15th Annual Bench and Bar Conference on June 19th-22nd at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  You can view the agenda here. I believe at least one of ...

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Judges Michel, Gajarsa, and Posner on Patent System from

The Federalist Society has posted the video of the recent conference entitled “Is the Patent System Working or Broken? A Discussion with Four Distinguished Federal Judges.”  That conference was held on May 14th and featured ...

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