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post image Those unemployment numbers from

It seems that everyone has focused on the low job creation part of the March employment numbers with a couple of nods to the fact that the labor force actually shrunk. To me, that is ...

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Contracts 101: Covenants, Representations and Warranties in IP License Agreements from

Recently, it has struck me that many business folks who “negotiate tons of IP license agreements,” fail to understand the difference between covenants, representations and warranties that are “standard” in many such agreements. Well, that ...

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February trade in intangibles from

Partial offsetting this morning news on employment, there is an interesting story hidden in this morning's release by BEA of the trade data for February. The headline story is the decline of the deficit ...

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African Regional Plant Variety Protection Draft Legislation Raises Protest from

A draft protocol for the protection of new varieties of plants proposed by an inter-governmental African regional economic community is provoking the ire of civil society concerned about the potential impact of the protocol on ...

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ALJ Rogers Sets 16-Month Target Date In Certain Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) Products (337-TA-875) from

Further to our March 26, 2013 post, on April 2, 2013, ALJ Robert K. Rogers, Jr. issued Order No. 4 in Certain Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) Products and Components Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-875).  In the ...

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Microsoft Seeks Patent for Resolving Conflicting Contact Info from

Microsoft Corporation was a huge winner at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office this past week, as the Washington State-based computer software developer received 65 patents from the USPTO and had another 49 patent applications ...

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North American Universities Found Failing To Promote Socially Responsible Licensing from

A student group is holding top research universities in the US and Canada accountable for how much they are – or are not – contributing to global public health. According to a recently released report by Universities ...

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EDTX accepts Nash Bargaining; finds plaintiff’s expert failed to account for smallest salable unit from

On March 1, 2013, the EDTX issued an opinion in VirnetX Inc. v. Cisco Systems, Inc., Case No. 6:10-cv-00417-LED (Doc. No. 745), granting in part and denying in part Cisco’s motion to exclude ...

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ALJ Essex Sets 15-Month Target Date In Certain Wireless-Communication Base Stations (337-TA-871) from

Further to our February 26, 2013 post, on April 2. 2013, ALJ Theodore R. Essex issued Order No. 4 in Certain Wireless-Communication Base Stations and Components Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-871). In the Order, ALJ Essex ...

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Uniloc v. Rackspace - 35 U.S.C. § 101 Lockdown in the Eastern District of Texas from

In Uniloc USA, Inc. v. Rackspace Hosting, Inc., Eastern District of Texas Chief District Judge Leonard Davis granted Rackspace’s motion to dismiss Uniloc’s complaint under Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) for ...

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ALJ Shaw Issues Remand Initial Determination Finding No Violation of Section 337 in Certain Gaming and Entertainment Consoles (337-TA-752) from

On April 2, 2013, ALJ David P. Shaw issued the public version of the Remand Initial Determination (“RID,” dated March 22, 2013) in Certain Gaming and Entertainment Consoles, Related Software, and Components Thereof (Inv. No ...

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Double Patenting Problems when Inventors Move to a New Employer from

By Dennis Crouch In re Hubbell (Fed. Cir. 2013) Hubbell is the third element of a trio of recent decisions that remind-us that conception and inventorship will remain critically important even after the US patent ...

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