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post image New first-to-file patent rules from

 The new rules are now official and a first to file system has now been implemented by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This first-to-file is pretty much governed under the 35 USC 102(a ...

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Manhattan Jury Orders Nintendo to Pay $30 Million for Patent Infringement from

A Manhattan federal jury recently ordered Nintendo Co. Ltd. to pay Tomita Technologies International, Inc. ("Tomita") over $30 million in damages in a patent infringement case that concerned certain 3D technologies. Tomita, which originally filed ...

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Cyprus: Banks Should Go Bankrupt from

Why is it that every other business in the world can go bankrupt except banks?  Bankruptcy ensures that the assets are quickly put back into productive use and that we do not throw productive resources ...

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US Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Pay-For-Delay Drug Deals from

The United States Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on Monday in a case in which the US Federal Trade Commission is questioning payments made by brand name pharmaceutical companies to generic producers ...

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