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post image The Timing of Patent Grants from

by Dennis Crouch To create the chart below, I merged the my database of all utility patents issued since January 2005 with my database of all patent applications published since January 2005. I then looked ...

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A Network of Open Access Search Platforms from Springer from

The major scientific publisher Springer Science+Business Media operates a number of online search platforms which allow users to access bibliographic and full-text data about journal articles and other media published by Springer.  A past ...

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USPTO Extends Missing Parts Pilot Program Again from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a Federal Register notice published earlier today (78 Fed. Reg. 2256), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that the Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program that was implemented two years ...

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Owning an email: Bad in Theory, Worse in Practice from

The recent UK decision of Fairstar Heavy Transport NV v Adkins & Anor dealt with the question of whether someone could have a proprietary right to an email.  However, rather than contemplating the copyright rights to ...

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After A Tough 2012, IP Owners In US Face An Uncertain 2013 from

Intellectual property owners in the United States may be happy to see the end of 2012. Among the notable setbacks they suffered last year: Congress refused to expand remedies against online infringement, the Supreme Court ...

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November trade in intangibles from

This morning's trade numbers from BEA come as a bit of a shocker. The deficit jumped by $6.6 billion in November to $48.7 billion. The increase was due to a surge in ...

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UNITAID Wins Rights To Internet Domain Names from

Unitaid, the drug purchasing facility affiliated with the UN World Health Organization, has won the rights to a series of internet domain names using its name, including A World Intellectual Property Organization dispute ...

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Dueling Press Releases Over Reexamination Ordered by USPTO from

The substantial new question of patentability standard is lower than the prima facie case of unpatentability standard needed for a patent examiner to make a valid rejection. In other words, just because a prior art ...

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Delaware District Court Takes Patent Damages Expert to Task from

Deferring judgment until after he hears testimony prior to trial, U.S. District Judge Richard G. Andrews of the District of Delaware nonetheless indicated in a recent Memorandum Opinion that he was inclined to exclude ...

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Patent Bar Blues: New Rules, Old MPEP Make for Difficult Study from

The unfortunate thing is that all of these individuals were getting this question incorrect and anyone who relied on this information moving forward would get the question incorrect. The MPEP section that points to one ...

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Incentives to Collaborate: WIPO Article and the US DOJ/USPTO Guidance Letter from

In the December 2012 WIPO Magazine there is an excellent brief article concerning patent pools and standards titled, “Collaboration in Intellectual Property: An Overview,” by distinguished Harvard Business School Professor Josh Lerner and doctoral student ...

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