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post image Federal Circuit Judicial Nomination Watch from

By Dennis Crouch Failure to Confirm: We all still remember Paul Michel as Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, but it wasn't yesterday that he stepped down. Rather, we are nearing the three anniversary ...

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post image Federal Circuit Refuses to Hear Contract Dispute over Patent Assignment and Royalty Contract from

By Dennis Crouch DeRosa v. J.P. Walsh & J.L. Marmo Enterprises (Marmo) (Fed. Cir. 2013) (nonprecedential) In the face of Supreme Court scrutiny over its jurisdictional power, the Federal Circuit has taken a step ...

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post image E-readers, Subscription Models and the Dumbing-Down of Reading from

Let's start with a bromide: content owners, be they of music, film or text, continue to search for the Holy Grail of an online business model. One such model is the
subscription, and it ...

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Top Three Stories of 2012 from

By Donald Zuhn -- Reflecting upon the events of the past twelve months, Patent Docs presents its sixth annual list of top biotech/pharma patent stories. For 2012, we identified fifteen stories that were covered on ...

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Bits & Bytes from

Canadian IP Specialist Barry Sookman has written an analysis of the world’s “most popular intellectual property and technology law blogs” on his eponymous blog: 23 Killer Business Lessons from Shark ...

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Educating and Informing Investors from

A posting back in June 2010 regarding a detailed disclaimer in a press release prompted one commentator to note that “the depressing thing is that companies need to keep issuing statements like this, which are ...

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Business Method Patents and the Equitable Standard for Granting Permanent Injunctions: The eBay Case* from

The concurring opinion of Justice Kennedy is even more unfortunate. Like Chief Justice Roberts, while agreeing with Justice Thomas’ holding that the traditional “four-factor” test applied to the grant of injunctive relief in patent cases ...

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December & 2012 employment from

Some decent news this morning about the U.S. employment situation from the BLS. Nonfarm payroll employment was up by 155,000 and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.8%. This was slightly below ...

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Post-eBay Economic Standards for Assessing Irreparable Harm from

One of the factors considers the presence of irreparable injury, which is harm not quantifiable or remediable as money damages. For the factor to be satisfied - for an injunction to issue - it must be determined ...

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New Cooperative Patent Classification System Launched from

On January 2nd, the USPTO and EPO announced the formal launch of the new Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system. The CPC is a global classification system for patent documents designed to harmonize the PTO and ...

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AIA Technical Corrections Bill and Trade Secret Penalties Bill Await President's Signature from

As most Americans focused on the Congressional efforts to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” IP practitioners noted that Congress passed Senate-amended versions of a bill to amend the Smith-Leahy America Invents Act (AIA) (H.R. 6621 ...

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Free Family, Citation, and Legal Status Searches for Chinese Patent Documents on PSS of SIPO from

In September 2012, I compared the free patent search options available for Chinese patent documents, and one option was the free English patent search interface created by SIPO. SIPO also provides another free patent search ...

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Apple Seeks Patent for GUI to Help Users with Special Needs from

Each week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office publishes patent applications, and computer and electronics developer Apple Inc. always has at least a few published patent applications. In this column, we’ll look at ...

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ALJ Rogers Rules On Motions To Strike Discovery Responses In Certain Projectors With Controlled-Angle Optical Retarders (337-TA-815) from

On December 21, 2012, ALJ Robert K. Rogers, Jr. issued the public versions of Order No. 22 and Order No. 23 (both dated October 15, 2012) in Certain Projectors with Controlled-Angle Optical Retarders, Components Thereof ...

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OECD 2012 Updated Biotechnology Indicators: Funding for IP and Other Interesting Stats from

The OECD recently released its updated 2012 Biotechnology Indicators here. Some of the statistics are updated and others are not. On the number of biotechnology firms in 2011: Germany, 678; United Kingdom, 488; Ireland, 237 ...

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