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post image No evidence of stifled innovation in smartphone patent battlefield from

IP Finance thanks its market-friendly friend Keith Mallinson (WiseHarbor) for permission to reproduce his latest piece for cellular industry trade publication FierceWireless.
"No signs of collateral damage in smartphone patent wars

Yet again, industry analysts ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Bayer Pharma AG et al. v. Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. et al. 1:12-cv-01726; filed December 18 ...

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News from Abroad: Speculation Invalidates Invention? from

By Jon Gowshall -- Over the past few years the UK patents courts have moved closer to the approach of the European Patent Office (EPO) on inventive step. In particular, the UK courts have started to ...

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Foodborne Diseases: The Technology of Prevention from

In 1906, when Upton Sinclair published “The Jungle,” that expose of unsanitary conditions in the meat industry shocked the nation, ranging from the public to regulators. Today, it is too well known how much can ...

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Covidien Files New 337 Complaint Regarding Certain Balloon Dissection Devices from

On December 21, 2012, Covidien LP of Mansfield, Massachusetts (“Covidien”) filed a complaint requesting that the ITC commence an investigation pursuant to Section 337. The complaint alleges that Pajunk Medizintechnik GmbH of Germany, Pajunk Medizintechnologie ...

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