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Troll Turning Point? Federal Circuit Breathes Life into Rule 11 from

This is very good news for defendants and for the patent system. If Rule 11 is actually enforced against those who sue without a reasonable basis the bad actors will be wiped out. It will ...

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Two events on Monday, December 10. from

Two important events on Monday, December 10, 2012 FTC and DOJ will hold a workshop on patent assertion entities (PAEs) – also known as "patent trolls." The ...

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A Week Into WCIT, Few Compromises In Fragile Discussions from

More broadband rollout and better access to networks everywhere – that’s a position shared by participants at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), which started last week in Dubai. And this is where the ...

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AMP v. Myriad: SCOTUS Must Remember What Case Is Not About* from

As Myriad has correctly pointed out in its brief in opposition to the grant of certiorari, the question posed by the ACLU/PubPat (“Are Human Genes Patentable”) is absolutely the wrong one to answer: “The ...

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35 U.S.C. § Charlie Foxtrot from

I often find myself telling clients that the law surrounding 35 U.S.C. §101 is in a state of flux.  Others might argue that clusterflux would be a more apt description. Judge Bryson made ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

December 11, 2012 - Preissuance Prior Art Submissions at the USPTO -- Best Practices for Third-Party Challenges to Patent Applications and Monitoring Competition (Strafford) - 1:00 - 2:30 pm (EST) December 12, 2012 - Saving the Best for ...

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