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Seth Waxman Discusses Advocacy in the Supreme Court from

Waxman on the advantage of not being a “Patent Specialist”: Perhaps paradoxically, it seems to me, the advantage in litigation with respect to esoteric areas of the law and technology goes to the generalist. All ...

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Guest Post: Territorial Thinking Misguides Thinking on International Exhaustion from

Guest Post by John Rothchild, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at Wayne State University Law School. Rothchild's 2011 article Exhausting Extraterritoriality is published in the Santa Clara Law Review. The Supreme Court granted certiorari ...

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WHO Members Meet This Week To Address Global Gaps In Medical R&D from

World Health Organization member states and official non-governmental observers will gather at the WHO headquarters this week for an open-ended meeting to analyse the feasibility of new models for financing research and development for diseases ...

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Double, Double Toil and [Freedom of Expression] Trouble for Trade-mark Owners in the United States: A Halloween Tale of Trade-marks and Haunted Houses from

On October 24, 2012, a California Court of Appeal released its decision on Winchester Mystery House LLC v Global Asylum Inc, 2012 WL 5243809 (Cal App 6 Dist). The result may be frightful for trade-mark ...

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Vandals, Remixed: The Copyrightability of “Defaced” Works from

Adam Del Gobbo’s recent post addressed some pertinent issues surrounding remix culture, which is outlined in Professor Lawrence Lessig’s 2008 book, Remix:  Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. Quoting musician ...

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Federal Circuit Oral Arguments Now Available on iTunes from

One can easily access the audio recordings of oral arguments from the Federal Circuit website.  However, for those who prefer to use iTunes, I noticed that recent recordings are available from iTunes at this link ...

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Director Kappos's Speech on Software Patents, the PTO, and Innovation from

By Jason Rantanen Last week, Director of the USPTO David Kappos delivered a keynote address to the Center for American Progress that focused on software patents and the smartphone "patent wars." The speech is noteworthy ...

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