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post image Impact of Exelixis on Patent Term from

By Dennis Crouch I wanted to look a bit deeper into the impact of the recent decision in Exelixis, Inc. v. Kappos, Case No. 1:12cv96, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 157762 (E.D. Va ...

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Full Agenda For WIPO Committee On Development Next Week from

After a difficult session last May, the World Intellectual Property Organization committee examining the development dimension of WIPO activities will reconvene next week with a substantive agenda. In particular, delegates will assess progress of ongoing ...

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Apple’s New Wind Patent for Cooling Electronic Devices from

According to the company, Apple’s method utilizes a solid-state air mover using “corona discharge—an electrical discharge near a charged conductor caused by the ionization of the surrounding air.” This is made of one ...

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The Real McCoy: Should Intellectual Property Rights be the New Civil Rights in America? from

Many may initially wonder what IP has to do with civil rights. After all, IP rights (IPR) have always been understood in terms of individual economic incentives for creating society-wide public good in the form ...

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