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post image Pending Patent Applications: Delays in Prosecution and Patent Term Adjustments from

The chart above shows the current patent application status for US utility patents grouped by patent application filing date (quarter). For applications filed in the first quarter of 2005 (almost eight years ago), about 61 ...

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post image Moving Away from Beauty as a Factor in Design Patent Validity from

Guest Post by Professor Andrew W. Torrance. This post is a shortened version of Professor Torrance’s recently published article titled Beauty Fades: An Experimental Study of Federal Court Design Patent Aesthetics, Journal of Intellectual ...

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A Genetic Basis for Müllerian Mimicry in Butterflies from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Mimicry is a classic (and classical) biological phenomenon, the appreciation of which dates to the time when biology was more accurately called "natural history" and was more diversion for English country ...

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ALJ Gildea Grants Motion to Quash Nonparty Subpoenas in Certain Consumer Electronics (337-TA-839) from

On November 2, 2012, ALJ James E. Gildea issued Order No. 17 granting a motion to quash subpoenas served on a nonparty in Certain Consumer Electronics, Including Mobile Phones and Tablets (Inv. No. 337-TA-839). By ...

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ALJ Essex Issues Public Version Of Initial Determination In Certain Devices For Improving Uniformity Used In A Backlight Module (337-TA-805) from

Further to our October 23, 2012 post, on November 1, 2012, ALJ Theodore R. Essex issued the public version (dated October 22, 2012) of the Initial Determination (“ID”) finding no Section 337 violation in Certain ...

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Sizing Up The “Ill-Conceived” PAIPO Draft Statute from

The text of the Draft Statute of the proposed Pan-African Intellectual Property Organization does not support a clear basis for criticism, but the lack of a clear need to put resources toward a centralised African ...

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Blue Calypso Sues MyLikes, Foursquare, Groupon and Yelp for Infringing Peer-to-Peer Advertising Patents from

Both patents cover methods and associated systems that enable peer-to-peer advertising. In the innovation described in the patent a subsidy program is set up based on a profile of an advertiser. A qualified subscriber is ...

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Pornography, privacy and professional computers from

The Supreme Court has ruled on a case that began with nude student photos on a teacher’s work computer, but opened the larger question of an employee’s reasonable expectation of privacy when using ...

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“F*** You, This Is My Culture!” Pirate Party Rep Tells UN Meeting from

Baku, Azerbaijan - Amelia Andersdotter, member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Pirate Party, in no polite words today (6 November) told the participants of the 7th Internet Governance Forum in Baku what she thought ...

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New Chinese Interface and Chinese Granted Patents Translated into English on Thomson Innovation! from

Last time Thomson Reuters added major updates to the Thomson Innovation system, the non-patent literature collection for the system was expanded to included Web of Science content back to 1898. The August 2012 update also ...

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Internet Governance Forum Opens To Applause, Concerns from

Applause for the United Nations-Led Internet Governance Forum came from speakers at yesterday’s opening session of the four-day meeting.Related Articles:

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