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post image A Rush to File Ex Parte Reexaminations and Now a Lull from

By Dennis Crouch Historically about two thirds of ex parte reexaminations were filed by third-party filers. In recent years, that figure has risen so that now around 90% of ex parte reexamination requests are filed ...

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Fuel Cells and Bayh-Dole: The Pursuit of a Hydrogen Energy from

HyperSolar, Inc. has developed a technology that they claim will produce hydrogen that is renewable and utilizes natural power sources: sunlight and water. Who knows whether the HyperSolar/UC technology will ultimately lead to the ...

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Does Crowdsourcing Produce Better Patent Search Results? from

Today there is a different solution for those who need to find that particularly illusive non-patent literature that typically makes up the best, most damaging prior art.  Rather than conduct the search around ever corner ...

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UN Internet Governance Forum Looks At Human Rights, New Domains, Who’s In Charge from

Baku, Azerbaijan - Human rights on the internet, the new generic top-level domains, how the net can be managed and ruled - these are main topics on the published agenda of the 7th United Nations Internet Governance ...

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Audio of Supreme Court Oral Argument in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons from

The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral argument in the case of Kirtsaeng v.  John Wiley & Sons the other day. You can listen to the oral argument here. You can read the transcript ...

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Landmark India IP Board Decision Against Hepatitis C Drug Patent from

India last week saw a landmark public health decision on the evolving role of intellectual property rights in the context of the public interest. Related Articles:

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