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post image Clean Tech in Court: Green Patent Complaint Update from

Several green patent complaints have been filed in the last several weeks in the areas of biofuels and LEDs.   Biofuels The big story in biofuels patent litigation is the rapidly expanding patent war between advanced ...

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Trade marks, un-parallel imports and the emerging concept of use as a trade mark from

The Full Court has rejected another attempt by Paul’s Retail to invoke s 123 against allegations it was infringing LONSDALE trade marks. Background Lonsdale Sports Limited (Lonsdale UK) had a number of registered trade ...

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Inventor Was Not Diligent in Reducing Invention to Practice by Prioritizing Other Work Ahead of Patent Application from

The court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment that plaintiffs' DNA sequencing patent was invalid as obvious based on a prior art patent application filed two months before the application for the patent-in-suit, and the ...

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USPTO Harmonizes Professional Conduct Rules from

Today I’d like to take up a topic that affects many of us, and one that is getting significant focus these days at the USPTO—our professional conduct rules. We are proposing to modernize ...

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IP Protecting IP: When IP Gets Meta from

Sometimes modern society gets a bit too self-referential for its own good.  If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you often see tweets about tweets (“Thanks for the retweet!”). The intellectual property ...

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You be the judge from

The proper use of the word “each” is pretty straightforward.  Right? If you are up to the task, select the correct sentence in the following groupings. Answers to follow in a later post. I. a ...

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